Top 10 similar words or synonyms for einigen

unseres    0.911058

nebst    0.908982

verschiedenen    0.906562

geschichtlichen    0.901958

ihrem    0.901521

anmerkungen    0.901218

beziehung    0.899540

einiger    0.898858

seinem    0.897723

auff    0.895930

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for einigen

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Hans Müller-Einigen He is known for his screenplay for "The White Horse Inn" ("Im weißen Rößl", 1930), written together with Robert Gilbert and Erik Charell, set to music by Ralph Benatzky. Earlier works were the librettos for Erich Wolfgang Korngold operas "Violanta" (1916) and "Das Wunder der Heliane" (1927).
Hans Müller-Einigen Hans Müller(-Einigen) (born 25 October 1882 in Brünn, Austria-Hungary; died 8 March 1950 in Einigen) was a German language writer, author of screenplays and director. As his proper name, Hans Müller, was quite common, he added the name of the Swiss village of Einigen to it.
Hans Müller-Einigen Hans Müller was attacked in Karl Kraus' play "" ("The Last Days of Mankind") and in his journal "Die Fackel" ("The Torch").
Hans Müller-Einigen Müller-Einigen went to Hollywood in the 1920s where several films were made from his scripts. Since 1930 he lived in Einigen.
Hans Müller-Einigen His brother was the author and critic Ernst Lothar (real name: Ernst Lothar Müller).