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Edward Phelips (Royalist) Edward Phelips (c. 1613 – 5 February 1680) was an English landowner and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1640 and 1679. He fought for the Royalist cause in the English Civil War.
Edward Phelips (Royalist) At the Restoration Phelips was one of those proposed as a Knight of the Royal Oak, having an income of £1,500 p.a. He was appointed to the Western circuit and became Deputy Lieutenant of Somerset in July 1660, and became commissioner for sewers and commissioner for assessment in August 1660. In 1661, he was elected Member of Parliament for Somerset in the Cavalier Parliament. He became high steward of Ilchester in the same year and commissioner for corporations in Somerset in 1663. He was defeated at Somerset and lost out in a double return at Ilchester in the general election in 1679. He died on 5 February 1680 at the age of 67 and was buried at Montacute.
Edward Phelips (speaker) On 17 July 1604 he was granted the office of justice of common pleas in the county palatine of Lancaster. In this capacity he was very active against Catholics; he is said to have declared that, as the law stood, all who were present when mass was celebrated were guilty of felony. He was one of those appointed to examine the Gunpowder Plot conspirators, and in January 1606 opened the indictment against Guy Fawkes. He was also chancellor to Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales. On 2 December 1608 he was granted the reversion of the mastership of the rolls, but did not succeed to the office until January 1611. On 14 July 1613 he was appointed ranger of all royal forests, parks, and chases in England.
Edward Phelips (speaker) Besides his London house in Chancery Lane, and another at Wanstead, Essex, where he entertained the king, Phelips built a large mansion in Somerset, Montacute House, which is still standing, and in the possession of the National Trust. He died on 11 September 1614, having married, firstly, Margaret (d. 28 April 1590), daughter of Robert Newdegate of Newdegate, Surrey, by whom he had two sons, Sir Robert and Francis; secondly, Elizabeth (d. 26 March 1638), daughter of Thomas Pigott of Doddershall House, Buckinghamshire.
Edward Phelips (Royalist) In 1640, Phelips was elected Member of Parliament for Ilchester in the Short Parliament. He was re-elected MP for Ilchester for the Long Parliament after a void election in 1640. He was a commissioner of array for the King in 1642 and became a colonel of horse in the Roylist army in 1643. He was governor of Ilchester from 1643 to 1645 and was disabled from sitting in parliament on 5 February 1644. In 1647 he compounded for £1,276. He was accused of taking part in the Penruddock uprising in 1655 and was tried at Chard but was acquitted by the grand jury.
Edward Phelips (Royalist) Phelips married Anne Pye, daughter of Sir Robert Pye of Faringdon, Berkshire on 21 February 1632. He had four sons of whom Edward was also MP for Ilchester and two daughters. His brother Robert was also an MP.
Edward Phelips, Jr. Phelips married firstly in about 1667, Dorothy Bury, widow of John Bury of Colleton Barton, Chulmleigh, Devon, and daughter of Henry Cheeke of West Newton, North Petherton, Somerset. They had no children and she died on 19 November 1678. He married secondly in about 1683, Edith Blake, daughter of John Blake, ironmonger, of Langport, Somerset and had three daughters.
Edward Phelips (Royalist) Phelips was the son of Sir Robert Phelips of Montacute and his wife Bridget Gorges, daughter of Sir Thomas Gorges of Longford Castle, Wiltshire. He matriculated at Wadham College, Oxford on 30 October 1629, aged 16.
Edward Phelips, Jr. Phelips was the son of Edward Phelips of Montacute House and his wife Anne Pye, daughter of Sir Robert Pye of Faringdon, Berkshire . He was baptised on 26 September 1638. He was a lieutenant of militia horse in Somerset by 1661. In 1661, he was elected Member of Parliament for Ilchester in the Cavalier Parliament. He was commissioner for assessment from 1661 to 1680, joint auditor of excise in 1662, commissioner of corporations from 1662 to 1663 and J.P. from 1662 to February 1688. He was knighted by 24 April 1666 and was lieutenant-colonel of horse in the militia in the same year. In1675 he was a commissioner for recusants 1675. He was high steward of Ilchester from 1679 to his death and a colonel of militia horse, Somerset between 1679 and 1687. In 1680, he was foreman of the grand jury, and succeeded to Montecute on the death of his father in the same year. He was also steward of crown manors in Somerset from 1680 and Deputy Lieutenant between 1680 and 1687. He was chairman of quarter sessions from 1681 to January 1688. In 1685 he was elected MP for Ilchester again. He was restored to his positions as J.P in October 1688 and Deputy Lieutenant in 1689. He was commissioner for assessment from 1689 to 1690 and became JP again in March 1690. In 1690 he was elected MP for Somerset. He was vice admiral from 1690 to 1696. In 1698 he was elected MP for Somerset again. He died on 4 April 1699 at the age of about 60 and was buried at Montecute.
Edward Phelips (speaker) He married Elizabeth Newdigate, and his son, Sir Robert Phelips, inherited his land and property.