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Eartham Richard Nyren the famous Hambledon cricketer and landlord of the Bat & Ball Inn was born in Eartham c.1734.
Eartham There is an Anglican parish church dedicated to St Margaret and a public house, The George, formerly The George and Dragon. The adjoining Manor Farm is the centre of a large farming enterprise. Nearby is Eartham House designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens which has been used since the 1920s as a private preparatory (junior) school, Great Ballard School. Eartham Wood to the north is an area of open access woodland, mostly beech trees through which the Roman road Stane Street runs. The route here today is followed only by bridleways and footpaths, and within Eartham Wood is part of the Monarch's Way long-distance path.
Eartham Eartham is a village and civil parish in the District of Chichester in West Sussex, England located north east of Chichester east of the A285 road.
Eartham The parish has a land area of 836 hectares (2066 acres). In the 2001 census 104 people lived in 42 households, of whom 48 were economically active. At the 2011 Census the population including the hamlet of Upwaltham was 111.
Eartham Eartham House was established by Thomas Hayley in 1743. Following his death the house became home to his son the poet William Hayley from 1774 to 1800. It was enlarged before he sold it to MP and statesman William Huskisson. The church contains a memorial to Hayley's son Thomas by his friend sculptor John Flaxman. The present building was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens following the purchase of the house by William Bird in 1905. The house is now occupied by Great Ballard School a co-educational independent school for children aged 2 to 13 years. It was founded in 1924 and moved to Eartham in 1961. The school caters for both day and boarding pupils.
Eartham Pit, Boxgrove Amey's Eartham Pit is the original name for the internationally important Lower Palaeolithic archaeological site of Boxgrove in the English county of West Sussex. Today it is a disused, and largely infilled, sand and gravel quarry. Part of the site was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. When excavations began in 1982 flint tools 500,000 years old were discovered, which at that time was the oldest evidence of humans ever discovered in the UK. In 2005 flint tools 700,000 years old were discovered at Pakefield, and in 2010 flint tools at least 800,000 years old were discovered at Happisburgh. However Boxgrove remains a site of international archaeological importance because of the discovery in 1994 and 1995 of 500,000-year-old early human fossils, which remain the oldest such fossils ever discovered in the UK. The other key paleolithic sites in the UK are Swanscombe, Pontnewydd, Kents Cavern, Paviland, and Gough's Cave.
Eartham Pit, Boxgrove The site is important for many reasons, including the degree of preservation of ancient landsurfaces, the impressive total extent of the palaeo-landscape beyond the quarries(over 26 km wide), its huge quantity of well-preserved animal bones, its numerous flint artifacts, and its hominin bones which are among some of the most ancient found yet in Europe. Several of the animal bones are the oldest found specimens of their species, such as the wing bone of the great auk found at the site in 1989. The combination of bones, stone artifacts, and the geology of the landscape gives a very complete picture of the coastal plain as it existed half a million years ago.
Eartham Pit, Boxgrove In 2011, Roberts told interviewers from the student-produced archaeological magazine "Artifact" that Boxgrove was "a fickle mistress indeed" and that whilst he wouldn't change his experience in investigating the site, the excavations "extracted a very heavy price" from him, "a price that I am only just at the point of paying the final instalment on". For this reason he found that he often hummed The Specials' 1979 song "Too Much Too Young" to himself when thinking about the project.
Eartham Pit, Boxgrove Roberts became the site director of the Boxgrove project.
Eartham Pit, Boxgrove The English Heritage monograph: Boxgrove: A Middle Pleistocene hominid site at Eartham Quarry, Boxgrove, West Sussex is now available through the Archaeology Data Service.