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Elizabeth Eaglesfield In addition to her legal practice, Elizabeth Eaglesfield captained a steamship named the "Golden Girl" which was completed in 1909 for a cost of $10,000. The "Golden Girl" could carry up to ten thousand cases of fruit from Benton Harbor to various ports around the Great Lakes. Eaglesfield's legal expertise served her well on the Great Lakes, exemplified by winning a 1911 dispute with Milwaukee, Wisconsin, police who challenged her right to sell produce from the harbor. Her career as a captain continued until her retirement in 1930, leaving behind a fleet of five fruit boats that her son continued to operate.
Eaglesfield, Cumbria Eaglesfield is a small settlement in the county of Cumbria, in England. It is near the A5086 road and is 2.5 miles (4 km) southwest of the town of Cockermouth.
Elizabeth Eaglesfield Elizabeth Eaglesfield (1853 – 1940) was the first woman admitted to the Indiana state bar and the first practicing female attorney in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was also a Great Lakes ship captain, the owner of a fruit shipping business, and real estate magnate in Benton Harbor, Michigan. She was inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame in 2013 for her accomplishments in the fields of business and law.
Elizabeth Eaglesfield Elizabeth Eaglesfield began her notable legal career by being the first woman admitted to the Indiana State Bar in 1875, 3 years before earning a law degree. She was the first practicing female attorney in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Eaglesfield focused on providing legal assistance to minors and widows. Her specialties included litigating cases involving property disputes, divorce, and violence. Eaglesfield also used her legal expertise to become a successful businesswoman and real estate mogul in Benton Harbor and a maritime lawyer on the Great Lakes.
Eaglesfield, Cumbria Eaglesfield lay in the early Middle Ages within the British kingdom of Rheged, and the first element of the name is perhaps derived from the Brythonic 'eccles' "church" (cognate with Welsh 'eglwys' 'church'. The meaning would be 'open land near a British church' - something that the Anglian settlers would have seen as they "arrived and settled some two miles away down below at Brigham." (The second element, 'Feld', is Old English for 'open country').
Eaglesfield, Cumbria Eaglesfield was the birthplace of John Dalton (1766–1844), acclaimed chemist, meteorologist and physicist.
Eaglesfield, Cumbria Eaglesfield was the probable birthplace of Robert de Eglesfield (c.1295–1349), founder of The Queen's College, Oxford. His father, John of Eglesfield, held lands in and near there.
Eaglesfield, Cumbria Moorland Close, Eaglesfield, was the birthplace of Fletcher Christian, master's mate aboard the HMS "Bounty". He led the mutiny against the captain, William Bligh, during their voyage to Tahiti.
Eaglesfield, Cumbria Alternatively, it means 'Ecgel's open land' ('Ecgel's feld'). 'Ecgel' is a personal name and possibly "a normal diminutive of compound names such as 'Ecglaf', or Ecgwulf' ".
Elizabeth Eaglesfield Elizabeth Eaglesfield was born June 29, 1853 in Clay County, Indiana, and attended high school in Terre Haute. She later attended the University of Michigan, receiving a degree in literature in 1876 and in law in 1878.