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baekkelagets    0.881964

sävehof    0.868169

slovan_duslo_sala    0.853047

byasen    0.850762

krim_ljubljana    0.846655

žrk_budućnost_podgorica    0.845232

bntu_minsk    0.838964

podravka_koprivnica    0.837932

chekhovskiye_medvedi    0.833695

astrakhanochka    0.832322

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Handball Club Lada Togliatti The following three seasons were less successful, with Dynamo Volgograd retrieving the leading position. On the other hand, Lada won the 2012 EHF Cup, its second international title, while attaining the national championship's bronze in 2009, 2011 and 2012.
2007–08 Women's EHF Cup The 2007–08 Women's EHF Cup was the 27th edition of the competition, running from 31 August 2007 to 24 May 2008. Dynamo Volgograd followed the steps of the previous edition's champion Zvezda Zvenigorod as the second Russian club to win the competition, beating SD Itxako in the final.
Russian Women's Handball Super League The Russian Women's Handball Superleague is the premier women's handball competition in Russia. Dynamo Volgograd, formerly known as Rotor and Akva, is the championship's most successful club as of 2014 with 12 titles. On the other hand, Lada Togliatti holds the record for consecutive wins, with five titles in a row. Istochnik Rostov, Rostov-Don (formerly Rostselmash) and Zvezda Zvenigorod have also won the competition.
1999–2000 EHF Women's Champions League The 1999–2000 EHF Women's Champions League was the seventh edition of the modern era of the premier competition for European national champions women's handball clubs, running from 1 October 1999 to 27 May 2000. Hypo Niederösterreich defeated Macedonia's Gjorce Petrov in the final to win its eighth title, with Budućnost Podgorica (which defeated defending champion Dunaújvárosi NKS in the quarter-finals) and Dynamo Volgograd also reaching the semifinals.
2010–11 Russian Women's Handball Super League Dynamo Volgograd won its third championship in a row, beating Rostov-Don in the final. Dynamo qualified for the Champions league, while Rostov-Don qualified for the competition's qualifying stage, Lada Togliatti and HC Astrakhanochka for the EHF Cup, and Zvezda Zvenigorod for the Cup Winners' Cup. Universitet Izhevsk lost the relegation play-off, but was spared from relegation as Kirovchanka Saint Petersburg retired following the end of the season.
Russian Women's Handball Super League The Russian Championship's leading teams have been successful in EHF's competitions. Zvezda Zvenigorod won the Champions League and the EHF Cup, while Dynamo Volgograd, Istochnik Rostov and Lada Togliatti have won either the EHF Cup or the Cup Winners' Cup. Kuban Krasnodar, Luch Moscow (f. Trud) and Rostselmash also won international competitions back in the Soviet era. Currently both the champion and the runner-up take part in the Champions League.
Russian Women's Handball Super League Currently ten clubs take part in the competition, with the top eight playing the championship play-offs and the two bottom ones defending its spot in a promotion. The 2012 edition is being contested by AGU-Adyif Maykop, Astrakhanochka, Dynamo Volgograd, Kuban Krasnodar, Lada Togliatti, Luch Moscow, Rostov-Don, Universitet Izhevsk and Zvezda Zvenigorod. Kirovchanka Saint Petersburg retired from the competition, leaving it one team short.