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Dulishan Station Dulishan Station () is a railway station on the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) Alishan Forest Railway line located in Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan.
Dulishan Station Zhangnaoliao Station <-- Alishan Forest Railway --> Liyuanliao Station
Liyuanliao Station Dulishan Station <-- Alishan Forest Railway --> Jiaoliping Station
Zhangnaoliao Station Mujiliao Station <-- Alishan Forest Railway --> Dulishan Station
Zhuqi The township is accessible from Lumachan Station, Zhuqi Station, Mujiliao Station, Zhangnaoliao Station, Dulishan Station, Jiaoliping Station, Shuisheliao Station and Fenqihu Station of the Alishan Forest Railway.