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Ratomir Dugonjić As a member of the Party, Dugonjić became more engaged in political work and in the reconstruction organization League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia during the sixth "janurske" dictatorship. He collaborated with Ivo Lola Ribar and other members of the Central Communist Youth League. He moved from Belgrade to Sarajevo, because law students were required to attend lectures. Upon completion of the Faculty of Law, he entered the Faculty of Forestry in Sarajevo.
Ratomir Dugonjić Dugonjić was born on 10 January 1916 in Trebinje. He attended elementary school in his hometown, high school in Sarajevo and studied at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. As a high school student in Sarajevo, he joined the revolutionary youth movement. During his studies in Belgrade, he was one of the most active members of the revolutionary student movement, which was then under the influence of illegal League of Communists of Yugoslavia. In 1937, he was admitted to the membership of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia.
Ratomir Dugonjić When the Semizovac partisan unit was formed, Dugonjić became its Political Commissar. With the detachment, he took part in the first act of rebellion in the area occupied at Sarajevo in September 1941. He was in liberated Uzice, which was then the seat of CPY, RC Youth League and the Supreme Headquarters of the National Liberation Movement detachment of Yugoslavia. Here Lola Ribar entrusted the duty of the Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League of BiH and Vartio in Bosnia. First, by the beginning of 1942, he had spent time in eastern Bosnia, where he had a direct connection with the Kingdom, but since there was no connection with Bosnian Krajina, he went there. After a short stay in the Bosnian Krajina, he went to Herzegovina. On the way to Herzegovina, in Seonica he met with Supreme Headquarters and Josip Broz Tito. In Herzegovina he spent about a month, and then UPTU on Mlinište, where then, in September 1942, was the Supreme Headquarters. There he met with Lola Ribar and Mike Špiljkom, then the only living members of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. The meeting decided to form a new core RC Communist Youth League, and he has become the organizational secretary of the Central Communist Youth League. After the death of Ivo Lola Ribar in November 1943, he assumed the position of political secretary of the Central Committee Communist Youth League and stayed at this position until 1948, when the Communist Youth united with National Youth of Yugoslavia.
Ratomir Dugonjić During the 1941 April war and occupation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Dugonjić went to Sarajevo, where he stayed with his cousin Miljenko Cvitković, a Spanish fighter. Dugonjić worked actively to improve the situation of the Communist Youth in the conditions of occupation. In the period up to the beginning of the uprising, July 1941, he repeatedly traveled to Zagreb and Belgrade, meeting the Central Committee of Communist Youth League and with other members of the Central Communist Youth League including Joza Vlahovic, Jovana Stojsavljevića and others. He was one of the organizers of the uprising in Sarajevo. He worked on the organization of shock and "diverzantiskih" group, who executed sabotage and diversion in the city.
Ratomir Dugonjić He was holder of the Partisan memorial 1941 and other Yugoslav medals, including Order of the Hero of Socialist Labour, Order of National Liberation, Order of brotherhood and unity and others. Order of National Hero was awarded on 27 November 1953.