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Peter Stephen Du Ponceau Du Ponceau served as a secretary to Steuben in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. After the war, he settled in Philadelphia, where he would spend the rest of his life. He was a good friend of Lafayette.
Peter Stephen Du Ponceau He used the example of Vietnamese (called "Cochinchinese" at the time) using chữ Nôm, a modified form of Chinese characters, showing that the Vietnamese used the Chinese characters to represent sound and not meaning. One hundred years later, his theory remained a source of controversy.
Peter Stephen Du Ponceau Peter Stephen Du Ponceau (June 3, 1760, Saint-Martin-de-Ré, France – April 1, 1844, Philadelphia, United States) (also Pierre-Étienne du Ponceau) was a French linguist, philosopher, and jurist. After emigrating to the colonies in 1777, he served in the American Revolutionary War. Afterward, he settled in Philadelphia, where he lived the remainder of his years. He contributed significantly to work on the indigenous languages of the Americas, as well as advancing the understanding of written Chinese.
Peter Stephen Du Ponceau Du Ponceau studied at a Benedictine college, where he gained an interest in linguistics. However, he abruptly ended his education after only 18 months over a dissatisfaction with the scholarly philosophy taught at the college. He emigrated to America in 1777, at age 17, with his reputed lover Baron von Steuben, who was 30 years his senior.
Peter Stephen Du Ponceau Du Ponceau joined the American Philosophical Society in 1791 and later served as its president, from 1827 until his death. He became notable in the field of linguistics for his analysis of Indigenous languages of the Americas; as a member of Society's Historical and Literary Committee, he helped build a collection of texts that described and recorded the native languages of the Americas. His book concerning their grammatical systems ("Mémoire sur le systeme grammatical des langues de quelques nations Indiennes de l'Amérique du Nord") won the Volney Prize of the French Institute in 1835. In 1816 he was elected a member of the American Antiquarian Society, and he was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1820.
Peter Stephen Du Ponceau Du Ponceau also worked on Asian languages. He was one of the first Western linguists to reject axiomatic classification of Chinese writing as ideographic. Du Ponceau stated:
List of fountains in Paris Fontaine du Ponceau, at the corner of rue Saint-Denis and rue du Ponceau, (about 1529, reconstructed in 1605 by Pierre Guillain, then in 1729 by Jean Beausire.
List of fountains in Paris Fontaine du Ponceau, Rue des Egouts, facing rue Saint-Martin, (1810). Gerard, architect. Destroyed.
Polysynthetic language The term "polysynthesis" was first used by Peter Stephen DuPonceau (a.k.a. Pierre Étienne Du Ponceau) in 1819 as a term to describe the structural characteristics of American languages .
Territory of Orleans Judges of the Superior Court were John Bartow Prevost (1804–1808), Ephraim Kirby (1804) (died en route to New Orleans), Peter Stephen Du Ponceau (1804) (declined President Thomas Jefferson's appointment), William Sprigg (1805–1807), George Mathews, Jr. (1805–1813), Joshua Lewis (1807–1813), and Francois Xavier Martin (1810–1813).