Top 10 similar words or synonyms for drydown

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unsprouted    0.650886

psylium    0.638558

floricanes    0.635156

herbage    0.631953

vitreousness    0.627067

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preharvest    0.622083

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for drydown

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Lacoste Essential The perfume was introduced in 2005 and created in cooperation with perfumer Laurent Bruyere. The fragrance is described as an "aromatic-woody one created in layers of green accords." The fragrance comprises top notes of tomato leaves, citrus, fruity and watery notes. The scent's heart is made of black pepper and a floral accord, including rose notes. Sandalwood and patchouli notes are in the fragrance's drydown. The overall effect of the scent is frequently described as "fresh" and "energetic" or "spicy."
Peaslake Peaslake School was founded by George Cubitt (the 1st Lord Ashcombe), Mr. Justice Bray, the Misses Spottiswoode, and others in 1870. John Bartholomew mentions the place in his gazetteer of 1887 as a village in Shere parish, Surrey "4½ miles SE. of Guildford". In the last decade of the 19th century a road from Ewhurst, practicable for wheels, was the first one brought into Peaslake as district councils were instituted. It was formerly accessible from the north, but was on the edge of the accessible country with no real road beyond. A Working Men's Institute that no longer exists was built in 1891 by the Misses Spottiswoode of Drydown, multiple benefactors to the neighbourhood. Most of the oldest extant houses were built in the brief Edwardian period (1901–1911).
Heat (perfume) Nathalie Atkinson of "The National Post" held a sniff test for the Heat Ultimate Elixir perfume to assess the different scents picked up by people of the opposite sex. Cosmetics editor Dave Lackie, who was asked to be the male participant of the scent, described the elixir as "stronger than the original", noting strong hints in scents such as "peach-flavoured candy paired with nondescript flowers" which offered "a nice drydown". Atkinson, the female participant, noted Beyoncé's intense use of creamsicle, adding that the scent holds strong enough "to get noticed above the hairspray fumes and thumping bass". In a list of "Noseworthy Perfumes", Oprah Winfrey listed Heat Ultimate Elixir at number two, favoring the fragrance's "honeysuckle nectar, musk, and warm, sensual" sequoia scent. "The Independent" described the scent as a "spicier flanker" in comparison to the original release. "New York" magazine found the fragrance's packaging "just as 'lubelike' as the original."