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Dokgo Young-jae Dokgo Young-jae (born Jeon Young-jae on December 13, 1953) is a South Korean actor. He made his film debut in 1973, and also became active in the Dongrang Theatre Ensemble. Dokgo won Best Supporting Actor for "White Badge" at the Blue Dragon Film Awards in 1992, then became a household name late in his career with the television drama "My Mother's Sea" in 1993.
Dokgo Young-jae His father, actor dominated Korean cinema in the 1950s and 1960s.
Xianbei Xianbei descendants among the Korean population carry surnames such as Mo 모 (shortened from Murong), Seok Sŏk Sek 석 (shortened from Wushilan 烏石蘭, Won Wŏn 원 (the adopted Chinese surname of the Tuoba), Dokgo 독고 (from Dugu).
Chinese people in Korea Xianbei descendants among the Korean population carry surnames such as Mo 모 (shortened from Murong), Seok Sŏk Sek 석 (shortened from Wushilan 烏石蘭, Won Wŏn 원 (the adopted Chinese surname of the Tuoba), Dokgo 독고 (from Dugu).
Byun Baek-hyun In April 2015, Baekhyun released his first solo song since debut titled "Beautiful" as the soundtrack for Exo's web-drama "Exo Next Door". The song became the first soundtrack single from a web drama to top digital charts. In May 2015, Baekhyun was announced to be starring in action film "Dokgo" alongside actor Yeo Jin-goo. However, production of the film was announced to have been cancelled in January 2016. In December 2015, Baekhyun paid tribute to the late South Korean singer Kim Hyun-sik by performing his song "Like Rain Like Music" at SBS's year-end music program "Gayo Daejeon". The studio recording of his rendition was later released digitally.
Bel Ami (TV series) Dokgo Ma-te (Jang Keun-suk) is a pretty boy. His mother dies without giving him the password to meet his father, who he never knew. Ma-te's mother gives it instead to Hong Yoo-ra (Han Chae-young), an ex-heiress who was once the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family. A family that she thinks Ma-te's father is the chairman of. Yoo-ra promises to give him the password if he conquers several women and learns valuable lessons from each of them so as to conquer Na Hong-ran, Yoo-ra's ex mother-in-law and the Chairman Park Ki-suk's wife, who is evil and ruthless. But then Kim Bo-tong (IU), an ordinary girl from a poor background decides to aid Ma-te in pursuing his father's heels. She has had a huge crush on him since high school and is willing to do anything to help him succeed. Despite himself, Ma-te falls for Bo-tong.
I Have a Lover The ambitious successful lawyer, Do Hae-gang (Kim Hyun-joo) and her husband, Choi Jin-eon (Ji Jin-hee) have a dysfunctional relationship. They lose their child and Jin-eon starts an affair with a much younger girl, Seol-ri (Park Han-byul). Dokgo Yong Gi is Do Hae Gang's unknown twin sister. After the couple divorce, Hae Gang gets into a mysterious car accident and loses her memory. Baek Seok (Lee Kyu-han), mistaking Hae Gang as Yong Gi, saves Hae Gang and makes her live as Yong Gi. Hae Gang becomes Baek Seok's fiancé and lives with his family. What will happen when Jin Eon and Hae Gang meets again? Will the couple be able to go back to how they used to be before?
War of Money Geum Na-ra was once a top-ranked investment banker, until his life falls apart when his debt-ridden father commits suicide after constantly being harassed by loan sharks. Traumatized, his mother collapses and is rushed to the hospital. Na-ra applies for a bank loan but is flatly denied, and his disgruntled boss takes advantage of Na-ra's troubles and uses them as an excuse to fire him. His mother eventually dies, despite his and his sister Eun-ji's (Lee Young-eun) desperate efforts to obtain cash to pay for her hospital fees. Newlywed Eun-ji had become a room salon hostess, while Na-ra agreed to break up with his longtime girlfriend Lee Cha-yeon (Kim Jung-hwa) in exchange for cash from Cha-yeon's disapproving grandmother Madam Bong (Yeo Woon-kay). Believing that it's the source of all evil, Na-ra declares war on money and becomes obsessed with avenging his parents' deaths. However, realizing the only way to defeat his enemy is to understand the enemy, Na-ra decides to become a loan shark himself, and begins working as a ruthless money collector for the notorious loan shark Ma Dong-po (Lee Won-jong), while learning the trade secrets along with life's philosophies from the old and legendary pro Dokgo Chul (Shin Goo) who reluctantly takes Na-ra under his wing.