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stramproy    0.868389

drouwenermond    0.866902

broekland    0.865494

uitwellingerga    0.865068

gaastmeer    0.859848

westergeest    0.858350

leuvenheim    0.856212

ransdaal    0.855647

jouswier    0.855162

indijk    0.854439

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Drongelen, Haagoort, Gansoijen en Doeveren Drongelen, Haagoort, Gansoijen en Doeveren (or "Drongelen c.a.") is a former municipality in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It included the villages of Drongelen and Doeveren, and the two former hamlets Hagoort and Gansoijen.
Drongelen, Haagoort, Gansoijen en Doeveren The two hamlets Hagoort and Gansoijen were destroyed in the construction of the Bergsche Maas canal in 1904. The municipality changed its name to just "Drongelen" in 1908.
Drongelen Drongelen was a separate municipality until 1923, when it was merged with Eethen. Before 1908, the name of the municipality was "Drongelen, Haagoort, Gansoijen en Doeveren".
Heusden Heusden () is a municipality and a town in the South of the Netherlands. It is located between the towns Waalwijk and 's-Hertogenbosch. The municipality of Heusden, including Herpt, Heesbeen, Hedikhuizen, Doeveren, and Oudheusden, fused with Drunen and Vlijmen in 1997, giving the municipality its current form.
Drunen On , it was incorporated along with the municipalities of Heusden and Vlijmen into the new, enlarged municipality of Heusden, containing the towns Drunen, Elshout, Giersbergen, Heesbeen, Doeveren, Hedikhuizen, Herpt, Oud-Heusden, Heusden, Vlijmen, Nieuwkuijk and Haarsteeg. Some argued that this enlarged municipality should have been called the municipality of Drunen, being the biggest of the three towns. However due to the historical importance of Heusden, and possibly to avoid ill will in the almost equally large town of Vlijmen, the municipal was named after Heusden.