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Tawil The final syllable of every distich rhymes throughout the whole poem; a long poem might comprise a hundred distichs. In Classical verse, each distich is a complete syntactic unit.
People reported to be born in the Kaaba An Arab poet composed the following distich on the birth of Ali:
Syriac sacral music It was preceded by the following distich, which forms the refrain:
Bamba Sutherland A translation of the Persian distich on her gravestone has been translated as:
John Trevanion A seventeenth-century ode relating to four Cornish commanders included the distich:
Couplet J.V.Cunningham the American poet was noted for many distich included in the various forms of epigrams included in his poetry collections as exampled here:-
Stranger, Bear Word to the Spartans We... The title is directly taken from Schiller's translation of the famous Epitaph of Simonides, commemorating the heroic Battle of Thermopylae. In German, the full distich reads:
Political verse Each fifteen-syllable verse can be regarded or examined as a "distich" of two verses, one eight-syllable and one seven-syllable.
Pont Notre-Dame Beneath one of the arches, there is a distich in Latin from Italian poet Jacopo Sannazaro, best known for his master-work "Arcadia", which depicted an idyllic land. The inscription reads:
Distichs of Cato "Distich" means closed couplets, a style of writing with two-liners. It is a collection of moral advice, each consisting of hexameters, in four books. Cato is not particularly Christian in character, but it is monotheistic.