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cubestormer    0.683449

invecs    0.673365

reviction    0.669915

putrifiers    0.669815

ramsses    0.669793

espgaluda    0.664111

hapdongbosu    0.660726

vielizabeth    0.660200

fondului    0.658516

allouette    0.653644

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Micro armour Recent (1990 and later) games include "Tide of Iron", "Flames of War", "Axis & Allies Miniatures", "", "Heavy Gear", "Blitzkrieg Commander", "Dirtside II", "Crossfire", "I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!", "Cold War Commander", "Megablitz", "Panzer War", "Panzertruppe" "Panzer Miniatures", "Panzer Marsch", "First Watch". "Jagdpanzer", "Command Decision - Test of Battle 4th Edition", the upcoming "World Tank Campaigns". "BGMR Modern Rules"