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Article Example
Thiobenzophenone According to the double bond rule, the C=S double bond of most thioketones is unstable with respect to dimerization making the stability of thiobenzophenone valuable for studying C=S chemistry. The energy difference between the p orbitals of sulfur and carbon is greater than that between oxygen and carbon in ketones. The relative difference in energy and diffusity of the atomic orbitals of sulfur compared to carbon results in poor overlap of the orbitals and the energy gap between the HOMO and LUMO is thus reduced for C=S relative to C=O. The striking blue appearance of thiobenzophenone is due to π→ π* transitions upon the absorption of light with a wavelength of 314.5 nm. The C=S bond length of thiobenzophenone is 1.63 Å, which is comparable to 1.64 Å, the C=S bond length of thioformaldehyde, measured in the gas phase. Due to steric interactions, the phenyl groups are not coplanar and the dihydral angle SC-CC is 36°. A variety of thiones with structures and stability related to thiobenzophenone have also been prepared.