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Doreen Dietel Doreen Dantje Dietel (born 4 October 1974 in Zeulenroda) is a German actress.
Doreen Dietel She moved to Munich, where she completed her training as an actor at the Schauspiel München. She already played during training with Uschi Glas in the TV movie "The Secret Dance" and then also with glass in the series Sylvia – Eine Klasse für sich (1998).
Paul Dietel Paul Dietel (15 February 1860, Greiz – 30 October 1947, Zwickau) was a German mycologist.
Ronald Dietel In addition to film writing, Dietel has authored "Get Smart! Nine Sure Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School" (Wiley/Jossey Bass, 2006) and written for publications such as "School Administrator" magazine. He is also a speaker on educational topics at conferences, such as the American Educational Research Association.
Doreen Dietel With Ottfried Fischer she played a reporter Claudia Reuter in two episodes of "The pound guy". Since 2003 Dietel plays in the series "For all the love". She worked for the director Peter Stauch, Peter Thorwarth, Otto Retzer and Simon Verhoeven. In addition to numerous TV productions, including as Katharina in "The mountain priest", as Ella in "Problem zone laws" and as Iris in "Tote Hose" and in films by Rosamunde Pilcher and Utta Danella, Dietel was in the cinema in "Shoplifting, Short Cut, Bitter Fruits, Stiller Sturm , 100 Pro, Grossglockner love" and "Girls, girls 2", as well as in "The Last Song" and "The schmuck to see". In the German Playboy edition June 2007 Dietel was represented by a permissive photo gallery and also graced the cover of the magazine.
Doreen Dietel On September 22, 2013, it was seen in "Celebrity Shopping Queen".
Paul Dietel He specialized in research of rust fungi (Uredinales) — from 1887 to 1943 he was the author of 150 scientific papers on rusts. His extensive treatment of rust fungi in Engler and Prantl's "Die Natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien" was recognized as its definitive account for many years.
Paul Dietel In 1897 Paul Christoph Hennings named the genus "Dietelia" (family Pucciniosiraceae) in his honor.
Ronald Dietel Ron Dietel is the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST) assistant director for research use and communications. From December 2001 to December 2005, he was a member of the La Cañada (California) Unified School District Governing Board, including one year as president and one year as vice president of the board. Dietel has written and directed a number of video programs on educational testing, prominently Assessment Models, which was a finalist for the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers. In 1987 and 1988, three of his films as a writer, "Pathway to Gold", "Hockey with Roger Neilson", and "Footsteps in the Sky", were awarded CINE Golden Eagle awards.
Doreen Dietel She grew up in Dietel Trünzig on a farm with her parents, her brother and grandparents. She graduated from the usual in the GDR 10-year education in the POS until 1989 leaving the parents' request was approved, and she moved with them into the resin. Later, they were settled in Deggendorf. After that, they first moved to Straubing, where she completed an apprenticeship for retail saleswoman.