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Diane Duane A short story within the same universe, "Uptown Local", has also been published as part of Jane Yolen's "Dragons and Dreams" anthology, and an mp3 of Duane reading it is freely available from her website. It also appears in the twentieth anniversary edition of "So You Want to be a Wizard".
Diane Duane Duane wrote a trilogy of Spider-Man novels, "The Venom Factor", for Byron-Preiss Multimedia from 1994 to 1998. The trilogy was composed of:
Diane Duane Duane has recently made available in various e-formats a previously unpublished book which was sold to at least two European publishers, but never actually brought out due to internal restructuring at one publishing house (Corgi) and the sale of another (Heyne Verlag). The novel, "A Wind from the South", is the first of a projected trilogy telling the story of a young girl born in the 11th century in a remote region of the Alps. This girl slowly discovers that she is the intended physical avatar of an exiled Roman goddess, while (as she grows) she becomes caught up in the political turmoil of William Tell's time.
Diane Duane Duane has worked in television since the early 1980s, initially becoming involved in script work at the Hanna-Barbera animation studio (now Cartoon Network). After writing numerous scripts for such series as "Scooby and Scrappy-Doo", "Captain Caveman", "Space Stars", "Fonz and the Happy Days Gang", "Biskitts", and "Laverne and Shirley in the Army", she moved on to work in development and serve as a staff writer at Filmation, and in 1985 was hired to story-edit the DiC animated series "Dinosaucers". During this period she also wrote scripts for Sunbow Productions ("Glo Friends", "Transformers", and "My Little Pony") and Walt Disney Productions ("Duck Tales"). In 1986, she co-wrote (with Michael Reaves) the script of one of the earliest episodes of "", "Where No One Has Gone Before".
Diane Duane In February 2011, Diane Duane announced she would be releasing new versions of the first 4 books in the series. She will be updating the technology used in the books, fixing some of the time line issues within the series, and overall making the series more appealing to the young adult reader of today. The first of the series will be available on or around June 21, 2011 in ebook format, through the Diane Duane ebooks store, with eventual distribution at other outlets. The next 3 books will follow over July and August 2011. The new books are planned to have new ISBN numbers, with the publisher switching to the revised editions with new covers around the time the next book in the series is released.
Diane Duane Also known as the "Tale of the Five", this high fantasy series has been awaiting completion since 1992. The books center on some of the same themes as her better-known Young Wizards series; those who wield the Blue Fire have many of the same responsibilities as the wizards and fight the same battle against entropy. In "So You Want to Be a Wizard", Nita's wizardry manual is written by "Hearnssen", a reference to the protagonist of "The Door Into Fire", Herewiss s'Hearn (son of Hearn), so it may be that the Middle Kingdoms are part of the same sheaf of universes as the Young Wizards setting. Adding to this, one interdimensional portal in "The Door into Fire" appears to open over New York City. Unlike Duane's children's books, however, the "Tale of the Five" series deals openly with issues of alternative sexuality. Duane is working on the final volume. "The Door into Fire" and "The Door into Shadow" have an omnibus reprint called "Tale of Five: The Sword and the Dragon." (ISBN 978-1892065513)
Diane Duane Several short stories are set in the Middle Kingdoms:
Diane Duane "Parting Gifts" (1981) and its prequel "The Span" (1999) featuring Sirronde; Duane plans to write a middle novella and publish the three together as "Sirronde's World".
Diane Duane In the early 1990s Duane was brought on board as the head writer on the BBC Television educational series "Science Challenge". Shortly thereafter she co-wrote (with her husband) scripts for "" and for "Gargoyles". She also wrote the screenplay for the 1996 space adventure game "Privateer 2 - The Darkening", which starred Clive Owen, Christopher Walken, Jürgen Prochnow and Mathilda May. Other screen work from that period includes the screenplay for the "Space Island One" episode "Not In My Back Yard" (1998–1999).
Diane Duane Duane was also a co-author of the Barbie movie "".