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striped_hyena_hyaena_hyaena    0.883691

order_artiodactyla_even    0.879971

tiger_panthera_tigris    0.878340

clouded_leopard_neofelis_nebulosa    0.877305

beech_marten_martes_foina    0.876162

cuon_alpinus    0.875062

panthera_pardus    0.871421

vignei    0.871240

leopard_panthera_pardus    0.870039

wild_boar_sus_scrofa    0.865494

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East Deccan dry evergreen forests Mammals found in this ecoregion include the dhole ("Cuon alpinus"), sloth bear ("Ursus ursinus") and Indian spotted chevrotain ("Moschiola indica").
Noisetier Cave Dominant are mountain species, especially chamois ("Rupicapra pyrenaica") and ibex ("Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica") followed by deer and large bovines. Moderate amounts of carnivore fossils of cave bear ("Ursus spelaeus"), red fox ("Vulpes vulpes"), leopard and dhole ("Cuon alpinus") are documented.
Tien Shan dhole The Tien Shan dhole ("Cuon alpinus hesperius"), also known as the Siberian wild dog, Western Asiatic dhole, or Northern dhole is a possible subspecies of dhole native to the Altai and Tien Shan mountain ranges, and possibly Pamir and Kashmir.
Xenocyon It preyed on antelope, deer, elephant calves, aurochs, baboons, wild horse and perhaps humans. It was probably the ancestor of the African wild dog ("Lycaon pictus") and possibly the dhole ("Cuon alpinus") of south-east Asia, the extinct Sardinian dhole ("Cynotherium sardous"). and perhaps the extinct Javanese dogs ("Megacyon merriami", "Mececyon trinilensis").
Bokeo Province Other than the gibbons the wildlife in the reserve reported are: great barbet ("Megalaima virens"); grey-headed parakeet ("Psittacula finschii"); grey leaf monkeys ("Semnopithecus"); crab-eating mongoose ("Herpestes urva"), tiger ("Panthera tigris"); smaller cats; dhole ("Cuon alpinus"), bears (two types); otters; sambar ("Cervus unicolor"); and wild cattle (gaur).