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Devoured (film) Devoured is a 2012 horror-drama that was directed by Greg Olliver and is his feature film directorial debut. The film had its world premiere on May 6, 2012 at the Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival and stars Marta Milans as a hardworking young woman that begins to experience strange visions.
Devoured (film) Lourdes (Marta Milans) is a young woman from El Salvador that has come to New York City in hopes of raising enough money to help care for her ill son, who lives with Lourdes's mother back in her home country. She works in an upscale restaurant where her boss mistreats her, her boss's boyfriend sexually assaults her, and various men forcefully solicit her for sexual favors. Lourdes endures all of this as she cannot afford to lose her job and while she is reluctant to prostitute herself, she will do anything in order to raise enough money for her son's surgery. Her only solace is found in her phone calls to her son in El Salvador and her interactions with Frankie (Bruno Gunn), a firefighter that is the only person in New York who has shown Lourdes any true kindness. While cleaning the restaurant one night, Lourdes begins to experience strange visions where she sees strange shadowy figures that seem out to get her.
Devoured (film) Critical reception for "Devoured" has been predominantly positive, and the film has received praise from multiple horror review websites. Opinions were polarized on the film's pacing, which some reviewers felt could deter some viewers while others saw it as adding to the movie's overall feel. "We Got This Covered" gave "Devoured" four out of five stars and wrote "From magnificent production to all around tantalizing psychological horror, Devoured will surely give you a good haunting, as well as present enough substance to take a hearty bite out of along the way."
Mammes of Caesarea An alternative legend states that he was devoured by lions.
List of Transformers planets Ghennix is a planet. It was featured in Marvel Comics where it was devoured by Unicron.
Lindsey Davis give is that Richard, its first reader, thought it wonderful. He devoured chunks, demanding ‘Bring
List of planets in Marvel Comics Taur is a planet within the Taurus constellation that is the home of the Taurians. It was devoured by Galactus.
List of planets in Marvel Comics Tarnax IV is the throneworld of the Skrulls and eventually renamed Throneworld. It was recently devoured by Galactus.
Charybdis Cove The feature is named after the Charybdis, a mythical Greek sea monster which wrecked ships and devoured sailors.
Alepisaurus ferox It is often called the cannibal fish because numerous individuals have been caught after having devoured other lancetfish.