Top 10 similar words or synonyms for detests

despises    0.864223

loathes    0.859556

disdains    0.847353

shuns    0.826548

adores    0.824534

mistreats    0.812447

scorns    0.792119

distrusts    0.781833

idolizes    0.777078

belittles    0.765759

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for detests

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Article Example
Rob Roy (novel) uphold the spirit of the law and detests its legalities as much as he detests his Clerk, Jobson.
Royal Exile Dara Negev: Loethar’s mother. Somewhat cruel in nature, Dara Negev detests Valya and her relationship with Loethar.
Moon on a Rainbow Shawl Mavis: A prostitute who lives in the yard and whom Sophia detests. In the play, Mavis and her boyfriend (later fiancé) Prince serve primarily as comic relief.
Island at War He is eventually forced to be driver for Oberst Heinrich Baron Von Rheingarten; something which he detests even more than the paperwork associated with being a policeman.
Trot Lovers A girl's journey to become a successful singer in the old-fashioned musical genre trot, with the help of a songwriter and music producer who detests trot.
Wintle's Wonders Dulcie Wintle is Cora and Tom's daughter, a talented but proud and snobbish dancer. She is jealous of Hilary, and detests Rachel.
Castle of Shikigami III and detests foreign intervention into its domestic matters. He is a high-spirited boy who said, "Our country has the strengths of its own tradi-
Alborada (telenovela) The eventual recognition of Rafael as Luis's son, the reason why Luis's mother detests him, and the plots of the Count of Guevara against Luis are played out against the background of Luis's and Hipólita's attempts to be together.
Seasons of Melrose Place Peter and Taylor begin an affair, and Kyle and Amanda both file for divorce. Peter begins making Taylor look and act like his late wife, which she detests. Michael and Megan marry; this is his fourth marriage.
Thunderlord Thunderlord makes a cameo along with many of his Guardian allies in 'The Omac Project'. In that storyline, multiple heroes races to destroy a sentient satellite that detests all powered beings.