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desolventized    0.672573

dehydrator    0.661337

distiller    0.650777

pyrolyser    0.633166

distillator    0.595954

desolventization    0.590836

blancher    0.585764

torrefier    0.582685

crystallizers    0.581604

calciner    0.580014

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Article Example
Dale W. McMillen Hayword in 1937 reported that flavor and nutrition could be improved by heating the soy meal above for a period of time. However, Central Soya received a patent in 1941 for steam-processing meal for better results and for a desolventizer-toaster in 1952. These provided income to Central Soya for some years, as they were important inventions that were adopted throughout the industry.
Soy molasses Soy molasses is used as a feed ingredient in mixed feeds as pelleting aid, added to soybean meal (e.g. by spraying it into the soybean meal desolventizer toaster), mixed with soy hulls, and used in liquid animal feed diets. Soy molasses can be used as a fermentation aid, as a prebiotic, and as an ingredient in specialized breads.