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sanremese    0.899000

scafatese    0.896481

sestrese    0.891794

fermana    0.884906

bagnolese    0.884712

massese    0.884620

casertana    0.882250

mestrina    0.877744

vibonese    0.875627

carpenedolo    0.874910

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Derthona F.B.C. 1908 Derthona Foot Ball Club 1908, also known as Derthona, is an Italian football club located in Tortona, Piedmont. Derthona currently plays in Serie D.
Derthona F.B.C. 1908 The club was founded in 1908. Their name derives from the Latin name for their hometown, Tortona.
Derthona F.B.C. 1908 While its current position is in Serie D, the club has reached as high as Serie B, last doing so in 1935.
Derthona F.B.C. 1908 Home games are played at the "Fausto Coppi" stadium in Tortona.
Ramon Galloway On September 23, 2014, Galloway signed with Derthona Tortona of the Italian Serie A2 for the rest of the season. He averaged 14.9 points, 4.7 rebounds and 3 assists per game in Derthona.
Luca Garri In June 2015, Garri joined Derthona Basket of the Serie A2 (second division).
Massimiliano Brizzi Massimiliano Brizzi (born 13 February 1975 in Legnano) is an Italian football player who plays for Derthona 1908.
Raúl Longhi On 30 January 2013 Longhi was dismissed. On 19 November he moved abroad, being named Derthona F.B.C. 1908 manager.
Cristiano Bacci Since 5 December 2011 until the end of the season he is the new coach of Derthona.
Cristiano Bacci Cristiano Bacci (born 6 July 1975 in Viareggio) is an Italian retired footballer and former manager of Derthona. He has played as central defender.