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denhart    0.717134

denhardts    0.705443

rapidhyb    0.689499

prehybridisation    0.639903

expresshyb    0.639506

dernhardt    0.631856

quickhyb    0.617761

denhard    0.607274

quikhyb    0.599997

eryoglaucin    0.597596

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Article Example
Hanna Andersson In 1995, the Denharts hired Phil Iosca as CEO/President who refocused the company on young children's apparel. Then, in 2001, the Denharts sold the company for a total of $175 million. Following the initial sale, Hanna Andersson was sold to a succession of private equity firms, ultimately sold to Sun Capital Partners. Gun Denhart remained on the Board of Directors until 2007. When Iosca retired in 2010, then-COO Adam Stone was named the new CEO of the company.