Top 10 similar words or synonyms for demobilizing

stationing    0.573695

demobilize    0.566725

demobilization    0.537950

demobilising    0.525002

repatriating    0.522003

ferrying    0.515142

redeploying    0.512623

reembarking    0.509012

demining    0.504088

airdropping    0.502520

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for demobilizing

Article Example
Ali Ahmad Jalali 48. Demobilizing War machines: Making Peace last, a paper presented at and published by the U.N. conference on Rebuilding Societies Emerging from Conflict (September 9-11, 2002)
United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs UNODA supports the development and implementation of practical disarmament measures after a conflict, such as disarming and demobilizing former combatants and helping them to reintegrate in civil society.
Edmund Knoll-Kownacki Freed from imprisonment in 1945, lived in France. After arriving in Great Britain and demobilizing, he settled on a small farm in Wales.
Martin Segitz After World War I, he became a state commissioner for the demobilizing of the home coming troops of the Bavarian army.
Murdock A. Campbell Campbell was also responsible for overseeing the deployment of Vermont soldiers and airmen mobilized for the Korean War, and for out processing and demobilizing them after the war.