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Dejazmach Birru "Dejazmach" Birru Aligaz was a warlord of 19th century Ethiopia during the Zemene Mesafint. As "Dejazmach", he held the governorships of different districts such as Lasta and Dembiya and was made governor of Dawint, Wollo in 1842 by "Ras" Ali II of Yejju. He was the son of Ras Aligaz Abba Seru Gwangul, and had a son called Dejazmach Zegeye.
Dejazmach Birru In late 1841, "Dejazmach" Wube Haile Maryam, governor of Tigray and Semien, who was regarded as one of the most powerful lords of the time, set out to Debre Tabor to depose "Ras" Ali II from his position as Enderase. "Ras" Ali II escaped after being defeated, but the victors, who were celebrating their victory fully believing that their enemy was defeated, were surprised by "Dejazmach" Birru Aligaz, who was "Ras" Ali's uncle. "Dejazmach" Birru routed the victors, captured Dejazmach Wube, and helped "Ras" Ali II regained title. For his help, "Dejazmach" Birru was made governor of Dawint in Wello in 1842.
Dejazmach Birru Eleven years after the Battle of Debre Tabor," Dejazmach" Birru Aligaz led a force that consisted of several "Dejazmachs" that included "Dejazmach" Wube Haile Mariam’s troops, against Kassa Hailu, the future Emperor Tewodros II, at the Battle of Takusa. According to Sven Rubenson, on April 12, 1853, Kassa Hailu fought four "Dejazmachs" and killed two: "Dejazmach" Birru Aligaz and "Dejazmach" Belew. However, Harold Marcus states that Kassa defeated five "Dejazmachs", and that Birru was not killed in this battle, but escaped and was captured in May 1854, to remain in captivity for the next 14 years.
Dejazmach Zegeye After the death of Ali Birru, Yejju was ruled by Dejazmach Zegeye Birru, who consolidated his rule of Yejju and at the same time extended it as far as River Ubuye, near the border with Tigray. However, the relationship between Dejazmach Zegeye and that of Emperor Yohannes IV became strained, when the emperor detached the land beyond Alla Wuha and gave it to Ras Gebre Medhin of Tigray. Apparently this was a time when the Dervishes were moving towards Metema. To defend the motherland from the Dervishes, the emperor ordered Zegeye to mobilize an expeditionary force to Metema. Zegeye pretended that he was ill, but was forced to maneuver his soldiers against the invaders. Still under the pretense of illness, Zegeye went on a stretcher from Yejju to Metema. In Metema, Emperor Yohannes IV died and when Zegaye saw the death of the emperor, he jumped off the stretcher and came back to Yejju.
Dejazmach Zegeye Dejazmach Zegeye Birru was the son of Dejazmach Birru Aligaz. He was the ruler of Yejju until the emergence of Ras Welle Betul. Dejazmach Zegeye had four sons and a daughter: Wagshum Gwangul, Dejazmach Ali, Dejazmach Hailu, Dejazmach Aligaz, and Woizero Hirut.
Dejazmach Zegeye After his release from Maqdala, Ras Welle Betul, who was the brother of Menelik's wife Empress Taytu Betul, went to Shewa to visit Menelik II whom he knew while in prison in Maqdala under Emperor Tewodros II. After a brief stay, Menelik II bestowed on Welle the title of Ras and appointed him governor of Yejju. This, however, led Dejazmach Zegeye to take up arms against Welle in Lasta. They met at battle, which is sometimes called Dengobat and at other times Gelesoi. There, Dejazmach Zegeye was killed.
Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport On 27 August 1981, Douglas C-47B ET-AGX of RRC Air Services was written off when the port undercarriage collapsed on landing.
Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport resides at an elevation of above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 15/33, with an asphalt surface measuring .
Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport (Ge'ez: አባ ጤና ደጃዝማች ይልማ ዓለም አቀፍ የአየር ማረፊያ "ābbā ṭēnā dejāzmāč yilmā ʿālem aqef ye-āyyer mārefīyā") , also known as Dire Dawa International Airport, is an international airport serving Dire Dawa, a city in eastern Ethiopia. It is located northwest of the city center.
Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport The airport was named after Emperor Haile Selassie's elder half-brother, Dejazmach Yilma Makonnen, who preceded him as governor of Harar.