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De Anza College Kelly Bennett, an employee at a Longs Drugs store in San Jose, developed pictures of DeGuzman posing with his guns and homemade bombs. She and a coworker called police, who arrived at the drugstore and waited for DeGuzman. He was arrested when he returned for his photos. It was unusual for him to drop off the film since he "had always developed his own film".
The Icarus Line In late 2012, Joe Cardamone, Alvin DeGuzman, Lance Arnao and Ben Hallet began the writing process for the next yet-to-be-titled full-length LP. New songs "Salem Slims" and "Junkadelic" were featured in the 2012 live performances.
Saga (comic book) Although issue #7 sold out, Image Comics PR & Marketing Director Jennifer deGuzman announced in a December 12, 2012 letter to retailers that it would not reprint select comics, such as that issue. DeGuzman explained the move as a result of decreasing orders on well-performing titles like "Saga", despite critical acclaim and consistently selling out at a distributor level, and pointed to orders on "Saga" #8, which decreased 4% from orders on issue #7. Rather than invest in second printings, deGuzman explained, Image would instead focus its attention on ensuring that the first printing garners the sales desired. This move displeased some retailers, which prompted Image Publisher Eric Stephenson to announce the following day that Image would indeed publish a second printing of issue #7 at a considerable discount, but cautioned that the publisher would not be able to reprint every issue of the series indefinitely, and implored retailers not to under-order the series.
De Anza College DeGuzman was sentenced to serve 7 years in prison after most of the charges were thrown out. Prosecutor appeals resentenced him to 80 years. Several months later, he took his own life by hanging himself in his cell.
Vic Silayan He was born in Gapan, Nueva Ecija, Philippine Islands (then a US commonwealth territory from 1898-1946. Hence, all born in the Philippines just like Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa are considered US Nationals). He was a good friend of Manila Police Detective/Investigator Lt.Benito Sebastian-Ramos Deguzman, (father of Florante "Randy" Deguzman, a Realtor in Orange County, California, USA). Vic and Benny were peers in Nueva Ecija High School and their "messenger" to do nasty things then was the actress Nida Blanca, a few years younger than them. They all eventually moved to Metro Manila. Vic is the father of Chat Silayan and grandfather of Victor Silayan.
Benigno G. Tabora Tabora was born in the Philippines on November 20, 1915, to parents Benigno and Felipe (deGuzman) Tabora. He joined the United States Army when he was 21 years old and served as a Philippine Scout. He quickly rose up the ranks to become a unit commander in the 81st Infantry Brigade.
De Anza College De Anza evacuated over 10,000 students the next day in fear that DeGuzman may have planted bombs at the college, although no bombs were ever found onsite. In the following weeks, Kelly Bennett was praised and credited with averting a tragedy. She appeared on local news, "Good Morning America", and "The Today Show".
Council of Fashion Designers of America The 4.0 class (2016-2018) of the {FASHION INCUBATOR} includes Alexandra Alvarez of Alix, Aurora James of Brother Vellies, Charles Youssef, Daniel DuGoff of Ddugoff, Tim Joo and Dan Joo of Haerfest, Jason Alkire and Julie Alkire of Haus Alkire, Ji Oh, Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller of K/ller Collection, Thaddeus O’Neil, and Molly Yestadt of Yestadt Millinery.
De Anza College On January 29, 2001, San Jose police arrested De Anza College student Al DeGuzman, who was planning a Columbine style school shooting at the school. At his home, police found bags filled with homemade explosives including Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs, as well as numerous guns, including a semi-automatic rifle and a cut-down 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. Plans were discovered for a noon attack at De Anza College.
Timothy Groseclose Groseclose is married to Victoria Groseclose (née DeGuzman). They have two children. Groseclose is also the grand nephew of Elgin Groseclose, an American economist, statesman, and author who was best known for writing the novel "Ararat" based on his personal experiences working as a teacher in an Iranian mission and subsequently spent time imprisoned by Soviet police after World War I. In addition, Elgin authored several books about Federal monetary policy and was appointed Treasurer-General of Iran in 1943.