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Embers (Californian band) Guitarist, Steven DeCaprio is a squatter and housing rights activist featured in the movie "Shelter: a squatumentary".
Embers (Californian band) Embers was formed in 2004 by Kelly Nelson on bass and vocals, Steven DeCaprio on guitar, and Jerry Buchanan on drums.
Lesser of Two Ash Miller (second guitarist on Swing) told him that the name "Lesser of Two Evils" was too long. Soon after, DeCaprio was kicked out of the band because he was incompetent as a musician. He kept the name with a new band including Isaac Grant, Mike Shuman and Rob Coleman.
Lesser of Two Steven DeCaprio came up with the name during a hallucination while skateboarding in a strip mall. He became transfixed on the two competing brands of soda dispensers sitting side by side next to the grocery store. In those two "choices" the false dichotomy inspired the name. In it choice, freedom, democracy, etc. were mere illusions used to fool the masses.
Lesser of Two Currently DeCaprio and Nelson, who are the only members to play on all three albums, play in the band Embers in Oakland. Former drummer, Moses Saarni, went on to play with Drain the Sky featuring members of His Hero is Gone and Dystopia. Other notable bands including former members of Lesser Of Two are Ballast, Preying Hands, Jehovah's Hitlist, Myth of Progress, Look Back and Laugh and Pleasant Valley.
Dennis Sandole He was John Coltrane's mentor from 1946 until the early 1950s, introducing him to music theory beyond chords and scales and exposing him to the music of other cultures. Sandole taught advanced harmonic techniques that were applicable to any instrument, using exotic scales and creating his own. He taught privately until the end of his life. His students included saxophonists James Moody, Michael Brecker, Rob Brown, and Bobby Zankel; pianists Matthew Shipp and Sumi Tonooka; guitarists Jim Hall, Joe Diorio, Pat Martino, Joe Federico, Tony DeCaprio, Jon Herington, Larry Hoffman, and Harry Leahey and other musicians such as Rufus Harley, Bob deVos and Frank Gerrard.
Walkway over the Hudson The first footrace on the walkway occurred the day after the official opening on October 4, 2009. The 5k race started on the Highland side, crossed to the Poughkeepsie side and turned around at the parking lot and finished back in Highland. The race was won by James Boeding in a time of 16:26. The female winner was Kira DeCaprio in 20:12. There were 660 recorded finishers of the race. The 5K race, called "Treetops to Rooftops", has become an annual event, organized by the Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club.