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Battle of Deçiq The battle took place near Deçiq, south of the town of Tuzi (today in Montenegro). Tuzi is the town center for the region of Malësia that lies within Montenegro, whereas the capital town for all of Malësia is Koplik. Malësia is simply translated to "The Great Highlands", which is a well depicted name due to the rough mountainous terrain within this region. The region of Malësia is mostly under the Roman Catholic faith. The tribesman of Malësia are known as Malësor, meaning Highlander.
Battle of Deçiq The Battle of Deçiq () marked the beginning of the turning point for Albanian liberty.
Battle of Deçiq In 1913, at the Treaty of London, the powers of Europe decided to annex half the land of Malësia to Montenegro, wheres the rest remained in Albania. Tuzi, along with the tribes of half of Hoti (Traboini), Grudë, Triesh, and Koja e Kuçit went to Montenegro. Kelmendi, the other half of Hoti (Rapsha), Kastrati, Shkreli, and the town of Koplik remained in Albania, but certain parts of Kelmendi such as Vuthaj, Martinaj, Plav, Gusinje, went to Montenegro and Rugova was annexed to Serbia.
Battle of Deçiq The main portion of the battle took place between Tuzi and Koplik (Albania), where the Malësors went against thousands of Turks. Koplik is the largest town in Malësia, right across the border with Montenegro is Tuzi. As the fighting proceeded, both armies decided to move north into the town of Tuzi, where the battle ended.
Gruda (tribe) In the western half of Gruda lies the small mountain range of Dečić/Deçiq, as well as the river, which runs through Gruda, separating Dečić/Deçiq and the village of Suka, as well as forming the border between the lands of the Gruda tribe and those of Kuči. Dečić/Deçiq and Suka being the largest mountains in Gruda.
Dušići Dušići (), formerly Dečići (sq. Deçiq) is a village south of Tuzi, a town near Podgorica in southern Montenegro. It became well known during the Albanian Revolt of 1911 with the Battle of Deçiq. R. Elsie puts the location around 3 km southwest of Tuzi. Right across the border with Albania, there is Koplik, the largest town in the Albanian region of Malësia.
Pretash Zekaj Ulaj Pretash was the leader of the Kojë brotherhood (of the village of Kojë), an Albanian enclave within the Kuči mountain of Montenegro. On April 6, 1911, the Malësor Warriors led by Ded Gjo Luli reached the top of the strategic peak of Deçiq at the Battle of Deçiq. Many died that day and the Ottomans were defeated.
Malësia On April 6, 1911, at the Battle of Deçiq, the Malsia fighters reached the top of the strategic hill of Dečić (Deçiq). Many of them died that day, but they were able to crush the Ottoman forces and raise the Flag of Albania after 432 years of occupation. This was the first time Albanians raised their Flag since the Castle of Shkodër had fallen in 1479.
Albanian revolt of 1911 After the Battle of Deçiq Ottoman government decided for peaceful means of suppression of the revolt because frequent clashes with Albanians attracted the attention of the European Great Powers.
Tringe Smajli Tringe joined the rebels and distinguished herself in the Battle of Deçiq. She participated in the Gërçe Memorandum, on June 23, 1911. Her rebel activity continued after the Albanian Declaration of Independence (28 November 1912).