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Dayeuhluhur Dayeuhluhur has a population of ~52,000 people, of which 96% are Sundanese and use the traditional Sundanese language. The majority of the inhabitants work as farmers.
Dayeuhluhur Dayeuhluhur began as a "Kadipaten" (duchy) under Gagak Ngampar.
Dayeuhluhur Dayeuhluhur is located on Mount Subang at the highest point within the Cilacap Regency. It is located in the tropical forest of the region, with the Cibeet, Cikawalon and Cidayeuh rivers running through it.
Dayeuhluhur Several sites sacred to the Dayeuhluhuran Sundanese religion are located in or near Dayeuhluhur, including
Dayeuhluhur Dayeuhluhur is a district within the Cilacap Regency of Central Java.
Dayeuhluhur Such places are traditionally under the care of a custodian called a "juru kunci" (key keeper).
Dayeuhluhur The economy of Dayeuhluhur is dominated by mountain farming.
Dayeuhluhur Dayeuhluhur is also home to scenic attractions such as the Cimandaway waterfall and The Forbidden Forest of the Upper Cibeet River.
Hanum, Dayeuhluhur, Cilacap Hanum is a village in Dayeuhluhur district, Cilacap Regency, Central Java.
Hanum, Dayeuhluhur, Cilacap Hanum village has a population of around 4200, with about 2150 over the age of 17. Those living in the village are native Sundanese, and speak the Sundanese language. Mount Dayeuhluhur, located in Hanum, is a sacred place of the Dayeuhluhuran Sundanese religion, serving as the capital of all sacred places in the Dayeuhluhur area.