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Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi He was Appointed as the Heir Apparent, on the death of his grandfather, 24 May 1966. Succeeded on the death of his father on 14 April 1988 as Head of the Royal House of Bahawalpur and was recognized as "Ameer of Bahawalpur" by the Government of Pakistan. He is officially styled as H.H. Jalalat ul-Mulk, Rukn ud-Daula, Saif ud-Daula, Hafiz ul-Mulk, Mukhlis ud-Daula wa Muin ud-Daula, Nawab Salah ud-din Ahmad Khan Abbasi Bahadur, Nusrat Jung, Amir of the God gifted kingdom of Bahawalpur. He is also the Patron of National Red Crescent Soc 1975. Patron-in-Chief Pakistan Social Assoc, Anjuman Ashait-e-Seerat-un-Nabi (Bahawalpur), and Pakistan Minorities Social Welfare Organization. President Markazai Seerat Cttee 1976, and Bahawalpur Divisional Rover Scouts. Chair Sir Sadiq Mohd Khan Trust. Founder Dir Foundation for Advancement of Engineering Sciences & Advanced Technologies since 2001. Mbr National Seerat Cttee 1976, Chancellor's Cttee of Islamia Univ of Bahawalpur, Governing Body of Sadiq Public Sch, Punjab Welfare Brd, Punjab Council on Social Welfare, etc.