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lupiglaa    0.857583

prissani    0.783850

bagzadeh    0.782315

trzebowianie    0.778019

querquerni    0.769538

opolanie    0.763969

geroplatanos    0.761364

margawar    0.761237

kroatisch    0.757240

kryvotuly    0.756028

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for dadosesani

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Oder Before Slavs settled along its banks, Oder was an important trade route and towns in Germania were documented along with many tribes living between the rivers Albis (aka Elbe), Oder and Vistula. Centuries later, after Germanic tribes were long gone, the Bavarian Geographer (ca. 845) specifies the following West Slavic peoples: Sleenzane, Dadosesani, Opoloni, Lupiglaa, and Gоlеnsizi in Silesia and Wolinians and Pyrzycans in Western Pomerania. A document of the Bishopric of Prague (1086) mentions Zlasane, Trebovyane, Poborane, and Dedositze in Silesia.
Silesians The 9th-century "Bavarian Geographer" records the tribal names of the Opolanie, Dadosesani, Golenzizi, Lupiglaa and the Ślężanie. The 1086 "Prague Document", which is believed to document the 10th-century settlements, also mentions the Bobrzanie and Trzebowianie tribes. Later sources classified those tribes as Silesian tribes, which were also jointly classified as part of Polish tribes. The reason for this classification was the "fundamentally common culture and language" of Silesian, Polan, Masovian, Vistulan and Pomeranian tribes that "were considerably more closely related to one another than were the Germanic tribes."