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dejan_cukić    0.890807

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ekatarina_velika    0.884355

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Dža ili Bu With the release of the band's second album, "Spremanje ribljeg gulaša zahteva visoku koncentraciju" ("Preparing a Fisherman's Soup Takes High Concentration"), the band toured Serbia once again, and had a first live appearance in a foreign country, in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Like on the previous album, the band named the A-side of the album "Konj" ("Horse") and the B-side "Pas" ("Dog"). The band's musical style influenced by numerous acts, including AC/DC, ZZ Top and Red Hot Chili Peppers, with the lyrics inspired by the end of socialism, similar to the ones found on the debut album, presented the social reality of the country they were living in. The songs "Drug Tito se krije u pećini" ("Comrade Tito Hides in a Cave"), "Velika svetska zavera" ("A Major World Conspiracy"), "Drugovi" ("Comrades"), and "Motori" ("Motorbikes"), a parody cover of the Divlje Jagode song, distinguished themselves as the most prominent. As guests on the album appeared Atheist Rap and Eva Braun members on backing vocals.
Dža ili Bu In December 1995, the band released the CD "Strašni sud" ("Judgement Day"), which, with a punk oriented sound combined cataclysmic lyrical style, with the songs "Zanimljiva geografija" ("Interesting Geography"), "Neki drugi grad" ("Some Other City"), "Uradi sam" ("Do It Yourself"), inspired by the current political situation, "Večna lovišta" ("Eternal Hunting Ground") and "Ustani i kreni" ("Stand Up and Go"), which became hits. As bonus tracks appeared five songs from the previous releases. After the album release, guitarist Goran Majkić left the band, first serving the army and then moving to the United States where he got a master's degree at the NASA Center for Autonomous Control Engineering. With former Dead Kennedys and Butthole Surfers members, he formed the band God Dog. Igor Panić took his place in Dža ili Bu.
Dža ili Bu Dža ili Bu (Serbian Cyrillic: Џа или Бу, expression for "to be, or not to be") are a Serbian punk rock band from Belgrade.
Dža ili Bu The band celebrated their 25th anniversary in May 2012, at the Vračar Rocks concert, featuring guest appearance by the original bassist Duško Milojević, and with a release of the compilation album "Dobre stvari" ("Good Stuff") for free download via MTV Serbia official website. The album features 25 songs spanning the band's whole career, including three new songs and three rerecorded songs from the first album. In the autumn of the same year, the band was joined by another guitarist, Vladan Vasiljević "Vaske", while Markoš was replaced by Vuk Pavlović (formerly of Gangbangers).
Dža ili Bu The band's eighth studio album, "Sedma sila" was released in October 2016 through Mascom Records. The album was previously announced with three singles: a punk rock cover of Leo Martin's song "Odiseja" ("Odyssey"), released in November 2015, the new version of "Živeo Staljin i Svetska revolucija", released in February 2016, and "Diktatore" ("(Oh,) Dictator"), dedicated to Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, released in April 2016. "Sedma sila" featured guest appearances by singer-songwriter Nikola Vranjković and Bjesovi frontman Zoran Marinković. Also, the original guitarist Aleksandar Mitanovski has returned to the band.