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Cynegetica (Nemesianus) It is uncertain whether Nemesianus never finished the poem, or whether it was finished but that sections have subsequently been lost. Martin takes the view that the poem was finished, but lost in transmission, referring to the fact that Vospiscus mentions it as a literary achievement (assuming that an unfinished work would not be so mentioned) and by reference to Haupt's textual analysis (based on the fact that the final leaf of a manuscript is filled completely).
Cynegetica (Nemesianus) Toohey notes that the Cynegetica displays the typical features of the tradition of ancient Greek and Latin didactic poetry: an addressee, detailed technical instructions, narrative or mythological panels, the use of hexameter verse and a likely original length of over 400 lines.
Cynegetica (Nemesianus) The Cynegetica is generally considered to have been transmitted in an incomplete state. Reasons for this conclusion include the fact that its proemium/introduction seems disproportionately long (102 out of a total 325 lines), and the fact that Nemesianus (at lines 237-8) indicates that he will give a further description of a Tuscan dog (but such subsequent description does not appear in the remainder of the surviving text).
Cynegetica (Nemesianus) The following structural division of the poem is proposed by Toohey
Cynegetica (Nemesianus) Nemesianus' Cynegetica is briefly referred to in the Historia Augusta. Hincmar of Reims apparently read it in his youth (early 9th century).
Cynegetica (Nemesianus) Three medieval manuscripts of the Cynegetica exist. The earliest existing manuscript was produced in around 825. It is likely that all three manuscripts descend from a common archetype (which is now lost).
Cynegetica (Nemesianus) Duff and Duff note the following metrical features (some of which are features of later Latin literature):
Cynegetica (Nemesianus) There are several extant works of Ancient Greek and Latin literature on the subject of hunting that predate Nemesianus' Cynegetica - some in written in prose, others in verse: Xenophon's Cynegetica (in Greek), Arrian of Nicodemus' supplement to Xenophon's work focusing on Greyhound coursing (also in Greek), Oppian's Cynegetica in four books (in Greek) and Grattius' Latin poem, of which 541 verses survive
Cynegetica (Nemesianus) Toohey points out that Nemesianus' Cynegetica is hardly a practical manual on hunting. Aymard is of the view that Nemesianus seems to have no practical experience of hunting and so must have taken all his purported knowledge on the subject from literary sources, despite his claim to literary originality. In contrast, Anderson considers that Nemesianus does have something to say that does not come merely from books - citing strange or unpleasant details (such forcing a mother dog to rescue puppies by encircling them with fire - ll. 140f.) and the anticipation of a medieval veterinary practice of bleeding horses (ll. 284f).
Cynegetica (Nemesianus) Virgil was an influence on, and model for, Nemesianus.