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CVac CVac originated in the mid-1990s at the Austin Research Institute, a medical research facility then associated with Melbourne's Austin Hospital (and that merged with the Burnet Institute in 2006). The original version of the product was developed in the laboratory of the Austin Professor Ian McKenzie in 1993. CVac therapy was originally intended to be "in vivo" but the Austin researchers started getting better results in "ex vivo" therapy.
CVac In September 2013 Prima reported top-line interim data from this trial which showed no observed difference between treatment and control group in terms of Progression-free survival (PFS). For patients in the trial in their first remission the control (43 patients) median PFS favoured the control group. However, for patients in their second remission the advantage was to CVac, with PFS of 7.69 months versus 5.14 months for controls. This result was not statistically significant (p=0.09) but had a trend towards significance
CVac In November 2014 Prima reported that the median for Overall Survival (OS) in the second remission patients had not been reached after 36 months, which compared favourably with an estimated OS for standard-of-care patients of 25.5 months. This analysis had a p value of 0.07. Prima reported final Overall Survival numbers for CAN-003 in May 2015. In this analysis the median survival number for CVac patients had still not been reached at 42 months and the p value remained 0.07.
CVac In late May 2015 Prima BioMed announced a collaboration with Database Integrations Inc (DBI), from Alpharetta, Georgia. DBI designed and built the iCAN software platform that managed electronic records and electronic signatures for CVac. Under the collaboration Prima and DBI will market the platform to other developers of cellular therapy worldwide.
CVac Prima BioMed was formed around 2001 to commercialise a number of Austin Research Institute projects including CVac. The company was taken public in July 2001 on the ASX in a reverse takeover of a defunct mineral explorer called Prima Resources. CVac ultimately ended up as Prima BioMed's core project until Prima's acquisition of the French biotechnology company Immutep SA in 2014.
CVac In April 2004 a Phase IIa trial of CVac in 20 ovarian cancer patients obtained ethics approval. Recruitment for the trial, to be undertaken in Melbourne, commenced in around June 2004 and completed in 2006 with favourable data being reported in March 2007. Prima BioMed chose ovarian cancer because it was one of the two cancers that seemed to have the best response in the Phase I trial, and also because ovarian cancer has traditionally been associated with poorer outcomes than other cancers. In this study CVac showed stabilization of disease in four of the 21 patients, based on stabilization or reduction in the tumour marker CA-125. These results were published in the "Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer" in June 2014.
CVac In December 2014 Prima started recruitment for a new Phase I/II study in pancreatic cancer that would recruit up to 40 patients in a single-arm study as a proof of concept that CVac could work in cancers other than ovarian ( identifier NCT02310971). The patients would enter the study after resection of their tumor. However this study was canceled in February 2015 along with CAN-004.
CVac CVac was approved for use by the Dubai Health City Authority in May 2011.
CVac In November 2013 Prima was able to attract Neopharm, an Israeli pharma company, as the licensing partner for Israel and the Palestinian Territories. This deal will see Neopharm buying the product from Prima and the two companies sharing profits.
CVac CVac was manufactured in Germany by Fraunhofer IZI (Das Fraunhofer-Institut für Zelltherapie und Immunologie), an institute of the Fraunhofer Society in Leipzig, Saxony The Fraunhofer IZI was authorized to manufacture the treatment in Europe in late 2011 after meeting criteria laid down by the German "Arzneimittelgesetz" (Drug Law). Prima intended that its product would be manufactured at this one central location, with patient blood being flown to Leipzig and primed dendritic cells being shipped back to the relevant trial site.