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dhole_cuon_alpinus    0.875062

tetracerus_quadricornis    0.866173

cat_felis    0.855137

striped_hyena_hyaena_hyaena    0.850500

wild_dog_cuon    0.841817

duvaucelii    0.840184

wild_boar_sus_scrofa    0.840079

sloth_bear_melursus_ursinus    0.839862

capra_aegagrus    0.839702

chamois_rupicapra_rupicapra    0.838153

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East Deccan dry evergreen forests Mammals found in this ecoregion include the dhole ("Cuon alpinus"), sloth bear ("Ursus ursinus") and Indian spotted chevrotain ("Moschiola indica").
Taxkorgan Nature Reserve During 2011-2013, the Tien Shan dholes ("Cuon alpinus hesperius") have been spotted by the local people in the reserve.
Sumatran dhole The Sumatran dhole ("Cuon alpinus sumatrensis" syn. "Cuon alpinus javanicus"), also known as Javan dhole or Sumatran wild dog is a possible subspecies of dhole native to the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java. As it is also distributed in the Malayan peninsula, it is also known as Malay wild dog.
Tien Shan dhole The Tien Shan dhole ("Cuon alpinus hesperius"), also known as the Siberian wild dog, Western Asiatic dhole, or Northern dhole is a possible subspecies of dhole native to the Altai and Tien Shan mountain ranges, and possibly Pamir and Kashmir.
Noisetier Cave Dominant are mountain species, especially chamois ("Rupicapra pyrenaica") and ibex ("Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica") followed by deer and large bovines. Moderate amounts of carnivore fossils of cave bear ("Ursus spelaeus"), red fox ("Vulpes vulpes"), leopard and dhole ("Cuon alpinus") are documented.