Top 10 similar words or synonyms for cultivates

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cherishes    0.623887

thrives    0.595115

conceives    0.593320

nurtured    0.591196

cultivate    0.582571

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extols    0.558318

exalts    0.550924

nurturer    0.550146

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for cultivates

Article Example
Cohousing Cohousing cultivates a culture of sharing and caring.
Polish Catholicism cultivates tradition and devotion typical of Polish Catholicism;
Five faults and eight antidotes According to Geshe Gedun Lodro, whoever cultivates the nine mental abidings overcomes the five faults through the eight antidotes, and, conversely, whoever overcomes the five faults through the eight antidotes likewise cultivates the nine mental abidings.
Kelwa Beach The most important and traditional means of earning is the cultivation of "panmala" (bettle leaves). The community which cultivates the malas are popularly known as vadvals (person who cultivates vadis).
Botanischer Garten Oldenburg It currently cultivates about 4000 taxa. Current research projects, as of 2009, are as follows:
Khandwa Earlier Khandwa was the only city in Central India which cultivates cannabis(Ganja).
1st Panzer Division (Bundeswehr) The division cultivates a partnership with the United States Army 28th Infantry Division.
Oiba Oiba is an agricultural community that cultivates mainly coffee, sugarcane, maize, yuca and tree tomatoes.
Neeti Sastra 89. That person who cultivates these twenty virtues, will attain success in all his ventures.
Mabbly cultivates a culture in which young entrepreneurs thrive, hiring employees who