Top 10 similar words or synonyms for cultivate

fertilize    0.663816

assimilate    0.659223

flourish    0.651469

thrive    0.619842

photosynthesize    0.601574

ferment    0.596507

uproot    0.588533

domesticate    0.588100

colonize    0.584897

cultivates    0.582571

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for cultivate

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Article Example
Medpalli Nakkerta The village has dry lands.Almost 90 percent of the people depend on agriculture.The farmers depend on rains for cultivation as it has low ground water level.They mostly cultivate dry land crops,only some cultivate paddy.They cultivate cotton,jowar,cerals,etc.
Mundumala Main Economical Products in Mundumala is Paddy. Before 1995 here farmers cultivate 1time in season but nowadays they cultivate 3time in a season.
Strathmore Station Harris was granted a permit to clear and cultivate a portion of the property to cultivate with sorghum using a water allocation from the Gilbert River.
National Negro Congress But in order to cultivate change within the workforce, A. Philip Randolph had to cultivate change through the regulations of the National Negro Congress:
Kyoto Computer Gakuin [4] Cultivate interdisciplinary ways of thinking.
Hong Kong Taoist Association Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School School Motto - "Grasp Principles, Cultivate Virtues" (明道立德)
Alibertia patinoi Around 3,000 hectares are used to cultivate borojo.
Laxmanchanda Majority of the farmers in this region cultivate Paddy & Maize.
Psychosynthesis ' cultivate qualities such as love, openness and empathy'.
Mansourieh They hired labor to cultivate and care for their livestock.