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Thomson-CSF In 1893 Compagnie Française Thomson-Houston (CFTH) was set up as a partner to GE. It is from this company that the modern Thomson companies would evolve.
Thomson-CSF In 1879 Elihu Thomson and Edwin Houston formed the Thomson-Houston Electric Company in the United States.
Thomson-CSF In 1966 CFTH merged with Hotchkiss-Brandt to form Thomson-Houston-Hotchkiss-Brandt (soon renamed Thomson-Brandt). In 1968 the electronics business of Thomson-Brandt merged with Compagnie Générale de Télégraphie Sans Fil (CSF) to form Thomson-CSF. Thomson Brandt maintained a significant shareholding in this company (approximately 40%).
Thomson-CSF In 2000 Thomson-CSF went through a series of transactions, including with Marconi plc. The major acquisition at this time was the £1.3 billion purchase of the British defence electronics firm, Racal. This made Thomson-CSF the second largest participant in the UK defence industry after BAE. Racal was renamed Thomson-CSF Racal plc.
Thomson-CSF From 1983 to 1987 a major reorganisation of Thomson-CSF was undertaken, with divestitures to refocus the group on its core activities (electronics and defence). Thomson-CSF Téléphone and the medical division were sold to Alcatel and GE respectively. The semiconductor businesses of Thomson CSF was merged with Finmeccanica. Thomson acquired General Electric’s RCA and GE consumer electronics business in 1987.
Thomson-CSF Following the privatisation of the Thomson Group Thomson-CSF explored the possibility of merging with Marconi Electronic Systems, however British Aerospace was successful in that aim, forming BAE Systems.
CSF albumin A closely related test, CSF total protein is a measurement used to determine the levels of protein in cerebrospinal fluid. It combines the albumin, IgG, and other proteins.
CSF glucose The glucose level in CSF is proportional to the blood glucose level and corresponds to 60-70% of the concentration in blood. Therefore, normal CSF glucose levels lie between 2.5 and 4.4 mmol/L (45–80 mg/dL).
CSF glucose However, elevated blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) result in elevated CSF glucose levels as the CSF glucose level is proportional to the blood glucose level with glucose being actively transported as well as simply diffusing down the concentration gradient from blood to CSF. In addition, damage to small blood vessels during lumbar puncture (traumatic tap) can lead to an increased CSF glucose since the blood that enters the collected CSF sample contains higher levels of glucose.
Bardiani–CSF Bardiani–CSF () is a professional continental cycling team registered in Italy that participates in UCI Continental Circuits races and when selected as a wildcard to UCI ProTour events. The team is managed by Bruno Reverberi with assistance from directeur sportifs Fabiano Fontanelli and Roberto Reverberi. Reverberi has managed the team since 1982, when it started as Termolan. Navigare was an on-and-off title-sponsor since 1990, when the team was called Italbonifica-Navigare. The current main sponsor, Bardiani Valvole, became associated with the team in 2013, prior to which CSF Group (2008–12) and Ceramica Panaria (2000–2007) were main sponsors.