Top 10 similar words or synonyms for crystallizer

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for crystallizer

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Biomolecular engineering We also assume the lab-scale crystallizer has geometric similarity to the large-scale crystallizer. Therefore,
Creative Zen The ZEN X-Fi3 is Creative's 3rd MP3 player to feature its proprietary X-Fi audio technology. It includes X-Fi Crystallizer. Primary function of the Crystallizer is to "restore portions of the sound which were lost during compression".
CrystaSulf After the dissolved elemental sulfur is formed in the hydrocarbon solution, the liquid is piped from the absorber, through a flash vessel if necessary to lower the operating pressure, and then through a crystallizer. The crystallizer reduces the temperature of the solution and solid sulfur is formed which is removed by a filter.
Crystallization The first value is a consequence of the physical characteristics of the solution, while the others define a difference between a well- and poorly designed crystallizer.
Pumpable ice technology In indirect methods the evaporator (heat exchanger-crystallizer) is assembled either horizontally or vertically. It has a shell tubing assembled with one to a hundred inner tubes and containing a refrigerant that evaporates between the shell and the internal tubing. Liquid flows through the tubing of the small diameter. In the inside volume of the evaporator cooling, super cooling and freezing of liquid take place due to heat exchange with the crystallizer-cooled wall.
Halorhodospira halophila "H. halophila" produces organic solutes such as glycine, betaine and ectoine, to balance the osmotic pressure. Each bacterium has a flagellum. Growth was demonstrated in hypersaline environments, such as crystallizer ponds, that have a salinity of 25% or higher.
Taiwan Sugar Research Institute The research center spread over 387 hectares of land, including 375 hectares of experimental farmland. It contains a series of bio-reactors and downstream processing facilities, such as chromatography columns, membrane separators, spray drier and crystallizer.
Sound BlasterAxx SBX Pro Studio effects such as SBX Surround, SBX Crystallizer, SBX Bass, SBX Smart Volume and SBX Dialog Plus can be adjusted by the Sound Blaster Central mobile app.
Pumpable ice technology Sometimes a gas can be added to the liquid flowing through the evaporator. It destroys a liquid laminar layer on the cooled surface of the heat exchanger-crystallizer, increases flow turbulence, and decreases the average viscosity of pumpable ice.
Carmen Sandiego (video game series) In the game Carmen Sandiego has invented a machine called the Quantum Crystallizer, and the user, playing the role of Agent 9, has to thwart her plans and restore 12 landmarks that Carmen has shrunk with the machine.