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ipimorphini    0.866178

euninella    0.864570

axenus    0.863856

apaegocera    0.860986

euneophlebia    0.860395

panamurex    0.857832

cultripalpa    0.857581

enanthyperythra    0.856985

sciatta    0.856678

perinaenia    0.854790

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Crithote Crithote is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.
Dalla crithote Dalla crithote is a butterfly in the Hesperiidae family. It is found in Ecuador.
Timotheus (general) Having returned to Athens, in 366 BC he was sent to support Ariobarzanes, satrap of Phrygia. But, finding that the satrap was in open rebellion against Persia (Revolt of the Satraps), Timotheus, in line with his instructions, abstained from helping him and rather used his army against Samos, then occupied by a Persian garrison, and took it after a ten months' siege (366 BC-365 BC). He then took Sestus, Crithote, Torone, Potidaea, Methone, Pydna and many other cities; but two attempts to capture Amphipolis failed.