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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for cresp

Article Example
Darbepoetin alfa Dr. Reddy's Laboratories launched darbepoetin alfa in India under the brand name ‘Cresp’ in August 2010. This is the world’s first generic darbepoetin alfa. Cresp has been approved in India.
Center for Religion, Ethics and Social Policy United for Peace and Justice, an anti-war coalition of more than 1,300 international and United States-based organizations, counts CRESP as a member organization.
Crépeau The name Crépeau is derived from a latin word latin "crispus" and an Old French word "cresp, crespe" ("fuzzy hair").
Ocean disposal of radioactive waste IAEA had been studying since 1977. In the report of 1996 by CRESP suggests measurable leakages of radioactive material but concluded that environmental impact is negligible.
Center for Religion, Ethics and Social Policy CRESP was founded in 1971 as an outgrowth of Cornell United Religious Work (CURW). Its administrative offices are located in Cornell's Anabel Taylor Hall. Initially a think tank on issues of social justice, Many CRESP-sponsored projects to address the issues of the day are now independent agencies, including Eco-Justice, the Learning Web, anti-apartheid efforts, socially responsible advertising, draft counseling, and farming alternatives. CRESP now serves as the umbrella for sixteen projects and works with Cornell student groups on progressive issues, and has two affiliates, one located in a traditional village outside Dakar, Senegal, and the other in the rural mountains of the Dominican Republic.