Top 10 similar words or synonyms for creduto

voglia    0.755427

conosciuto    0.755005

vuol    0.740219

vuole    0.731108

badhaai    0.720520

sognato    0.720333

smesso    0.718902

lasciato    0.709927

thodasa    0.709447

lagti    0.708623

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for creduto

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Filippo Anfossi Among his published works are: "Difesa della bolla 'Auctorem fidei' in cui si trattano le maggiori questioni che hanno agitate in questi tempi la chiesa" (Rome, 1810 and 1816); "Motivi per cui il Padre Filippo Anfossi Domenicano a creduto di non potere adorire alle quattro proposizioni gallicane" (Rome, 1813); "L'unione politico-religiosa considerata nei suoi rapporti colla civile societá" (Rome, 1822).
Laura Pausini "Simili"'s first single will be named "Lato destro del cuore" / "Lado derecho del corazón" and will be released on September 25, 2015. The album also spawned the singles "Simili", "En la puerta de al lado", "Innamorata"/"Enamorada" and "Ho creduto a me"/"He creído en mi".
Paola Turci In May 2014 she cooperated with Laura Pausini in "Stasera Laura: ho creduto in un sogno" (Tonight Laura: I believed in a dream), a one-man show broadcast on TV, accompanying the singer in the song "Con la musica alla radio" (With the Music Playing on the Radio).
I Lombardi alla prima crociata The two sons of Lord Folco, Pagano and Arvino, are reconciled, having previously feuded over which man would win the hand of Viclinda. Pagano, who once threatened the life of his brother, has returned from exile. A throng gathers in front of the church of Sant'Ambrogio to celebrate. Viclinda, now Arvino's wife, and their daughter Giselda are on hand to witness the reconciliation. A crusade to the Holy Land is announced and Arvino is to lead it. Pagano secretly vents his enduring frustration to Pirro, Arvino's squire: he still desires Viclinda ("Sciagurata! hai tu creduto" / "Wretched woman! Did you believe that I could forget you..."). As nuns sing in the background, Pirro and a gang of cut-throats agree to help Pagano take Viclinda for himself.