Top 10 similar words or synonyms for creativities

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for creativities

Article Example
Acharya Sarangdhar He published his following essay creativities in various magazines published all over
United World College in Mostar Creativities: Model United Nations, Astronomy, School Band, Debating Club, International Cooking, UWC Links Group, AB initio languages, Community Theatre, Visual Arts, Choir, Craft, Robotics, Global Awareness, Mediation, Fashion, School Promotion Group, Improvisational Theatre
Democratic socialism Robert Heilbroner: "There is, of course, no conflict between such a socialism and freedom as we have described it; indeed, this conception of socialism is the very epitome of these freedoms," referring to open association of individuals in political and social life; the democratization and humanization of work; the cultivation of personal talents and creativities.
University of Toronto Chinese Students and Scholars Association China News: In order to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, UTCSSA actively organized the Spring Festival Gala. During the gala, students showed their talents and creativities. The spring festival gala also demonstrated the theme of harmonious multi-culture. The show had got a lot of social attention and recognition.
In Return: Just a Book The film interweaves documentary and fiction to explore the dynamics that connect creativities, bridging space and time. It attempts to understand how one great imagination may sow the seed of another original act of creation, taking a quantum jump across geographical distances and centuries.
Üner Kırdar According to Kirdar’s writings, Human Development is the process which enables people to release their inner human energy towards developing their education, health, culture, well-being, skills, capacities, effectiveness, creativities, and competitiveness in order to serve themselves and ultimately their communities. Mutually, society and government have the primary responsibility to ensure people the necessary environment and means to enable the realization of this process, as well as to guarantee maximum political, economic and social freedom and rights to them for this purpose.
Architecture of Hong Kong In recent years, the new architectures in Hong Kong tend to be focused on providing more public green spaces that combine environmentally friendly concepts together with cultural exchanges, aiming to improve the quality of life of people. Besides green space, there are also the developments of unused old spaces by turning them into cultural hubs that nurture creativities and innovations. Architects have also explored more energy-efficient design.
Shah Alam The Selangor State Museum ("Sultan Alam Shah Museum") displays many treasures and artefacts related to the history of Selangor. Adjacent to the museum is the former Selangor State Library ("Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda"). The Selangor Islamic Arts Complex ("Kompleks Kesenian Islam Selangor" or "Riyadh Fannil Islam") is situated nearby, housing many Islamic masterpieces and creativities such as a variety of Islamic calligraphy, known as "khat", and a number of precious treasures. An Islamic Art College is located within the Complex. At the banks of the Lake Gardens, an art gallery and performance centre called "Laman Budaya" is located, where exhibitions and shows regularly take place.
URENIO The current research emphasis is on innovation ecosystems and intelligent cities. Intelligent cities are advanced ecosystems of innovation, combining knowledge-intensive clusters, technology learning institutions, and digital spaces. Intelligent cities constitute a discrete category of intelligent environments created by the agglomeration of creativities, smaller systems of innovation that operate within cities (technology districts, technology parks, innovation poles, innovative clusters), and digital networks and online services. Their added value lies in the ability to bring together and connect three forms of intelligence: human intelligence of the city’s population, collective intelligence of institutions supporting learning and innovation, and artificial intelligence of smart environments, digital networks and online services.
Cenk Enes Özer Özer pays a lot of his attention to his books readers; as well, he shares in activities at schools and other institutes in Turkey to spread his ideas to help and encourage the youth toward developing their creativities under saying "Why not? Don't start saying it's impossible, but asking how it can be possible." Cenk enes özer was invited to a TEDx Talk by Kılıçaslan High School in Kayseri, Turkey; and on the twelfth of April 2014 he shared in that event with a motivating talk about a unique explanation of the faith sense in title: "İnancın Eşsiz Anlatımı."