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Cozido It is a rich stew that usually includes shin of beef, pork, assorted offal, Portuguese smoked sausages (morcela, farinheira and chouriço) and in some regions chicken, served with cabbage, carrots, turnips, rice, potatoes, and collard greens. It is often served with olive oil and red wine.
Cozido Cozido à portuguesa () is a traditional Portuguese stew. It is a delicacy made of a myriad of vegetables, meats, and sausages. Numerous regional variations exist throughout Portugal, and the dish is considered part of the Portuguese heritage.
Culture of Portugal Each region of Portugal has its own traditional dishes, including various kinds of meat, seafood, fresh fish, dried and salted cod ("bacalhau"), and the famous "Cozido à Portuguesa" (a Portuguese stew).
Cucumis anguria "Cucumis anguria" is primarily grown (as a crop plant) for its edible fruit, which are used in pickling, as cooked vegetables, or eaten raw. The flavor is similar to that of the common cucumber. "C. anguria" fruits are popular in the northeast and north of Brazil, where they are an ingredient in the local version of "cozido" (meat-and-vegetable stew).
Northeast Region, Brazil "Nordeste" has a rich culture, with its unique constructions in the old centers of Salvador, Recife and Olinda, dance (frevo and maracatu), music (axé and forró) and unique cuisine. Dishes particular to the region include carne de sol, farofa, acarajé, vatapá, paçoca, canjica, pamonha, quibebe, bolo de fubá cozido, sururu de capote and many others. Salvador was the first Brazilian capital.