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post_alveolar_palatal    0.938174

post_alveolar_velar    0.925442

labial_alveolar    0.924698

consonants_bilabial    0.924604

palatal_velar    0.924184

nasal_plosive    0.924101

velar_glottal    0.923725

glottal_plosive    0.923153

consonants_labial_dental_alveolar    0.919618

glottal_nasal_stop    0.919590

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Article Example
Russian phonology Before hard dental consonants, , labial and dental consonants are hard: ('eagle' gen. sg).
Labial–velar consonant The Yele language of Rossel Island, Papua New Guinea, has both labial–velars and labial–alveolar consonants. Labial–velar stops and nasals also occur in Vietnamese but only word-finally.
Malay phonology Important in the derivation of Malay verbs and nouns is the assimilation of the nasal consonant at the end of the derivational prefixes "meng-" , a verbal prefix, and "peng-" , a nominal prefix. The nasal segment is dropped before sonorant consonants, the nasals , the liquids and the approximants . It is retained before and assimilates to obstruent consonants: labial before labial , alveolar before alveolar , post-alveolar before and , and velar before other sounds, velar as well as and all vowels.