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consonants_labial_dental_alveolar    0.935172

consonants_labial_alveolar_palatal    0.930792

consonants_bilabial_alveolar_palatal    0.925248

consonants_labial    0.924604

post_alveolar_palatal    0.924465

alveolar_velar    0.919141

consonants_bilabial_dental_alveolar    0.918377

palatal_velar    0.916300

velar_uvular    0.912676

velar_glottal    0.910800

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Article Example
Majang people The language has implosive consonants (bilabial and retroflex), but no ejective consonants (Bender 1983). There are seven vowels, and length of duration of the vowel is also distinctive, such as "goopan" 'punishment' and "gopan" 'road'. In addition, two tones also distinguish meaning, on both the word level and the grammatical level: "táŋ" (higher tone) 'cow', "tàŋ" (lower tone) 'abscess'.