Top 10 similar words or synonyms for consoled

comforted    0.840923

wooed    0.767648

upstaged    0.764526

scolded    0.763483

awed    0.745761

placated    0.731744

pestered    0.729089

humbled    0.723416

appeased    0.715610

tormented    0.715381

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for consoled

Article Example
Tirupati Ganga Jatara Gangamma who Killed Palegadu in Dhora Vesham, consoled Chieftain's wife in Mathangi Vesham.
Dennis Villarojo Villarojo's motto is taken from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah 40:1, "Consolamini Popule Meus" (“Be consoled my people”).
Council of Saint-Félix According to Besse's text, the following Cathar bishops were recognised by the Council and consoled by Nicetas:
Das Dreimäderlhaus In the Prater the following morning, everyone assembles. Eventually, Schubert ends up alone, disappointed, but consoled by Hannerl's happiness and by his music.
Between Two Worlds (film) Musick the sailor bemoans not being able to see his family again, but is consoled when told he will be reunited with them eventually.
Multiseat configuration The VT system in the Linux kernel dates back to 1993 and does not understand the concept of multiple "seats". kmscon and systemd-consoled do.
Canadian Human Rights Commission free speech controversy Borovoy commented that none of these cases resulted in a lasting conviction or property seizure "But only lawyers could be consoled by that."
Tamaryn Payne In 2017 she played Widow Ordlaf in S4E20 of Vikings who got quickly consoled for the loss of her husband by Bishop Heahmund.
Kakawin Sutasoma When Sutasoma's absence was discovered, the palace was in tumult and the King and Queen were very sad, and were consoled by many people.
Peerage law Mortimer Sackville-West therefore was not allowed to succeed to the Barony of Buckhurst, which remained vested in his eldest surviving brother, Reginald. He was consoled, however, by being independently created Baron Sackville.