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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for connivance

Article Example
Connivance Connivance is the act of conniving or conspiring, especially with the knowledge of and active or passive consent to wrongdoing or a twist in truth, to make something appear as something that it is not.
Connivance A legal finding of connivance may be made when an accuser has assisted in the act about which they are complaining. In some legal jurisdictions, and for certain behaviors, it may prevent the accuser from prevailing.
Connivance For example, if someone were to entice their spouse to commit adultery, they might be blocked (or estopped) from divorcing their spouse on grounds of that adultery. See "Sargent v. Sargent", Court of Chancery of New Jersey, 1920 (Held a man who had not taken active steps to prevent his wife's adultery was not entitled to divorce because he was a participator and consenter to her adultery).
Bertrand Badie Bertrand Badie, "Diplomacy of Connivance," Palgrave Macmillan US, 2012, ISBN 978-1-137-00642-4
Shehla Masood According to Police, the motive of the killing remains unknown. However, as per media, the possible cause could be her RTI activities and for protesting illegal diamond mining done by Rio Tinto in connivance with government officers and fighting to save tigers, leopards and forests, who were killed for their skins in connivance with forest officers
Factory Acts Ashley later attacked the government and its complacency and connivance at the shortcomings in the current Factory Act identified by the government's own Factory Inspectors:
A Match at Midnight With the connivance of the servant Jarvis, Alexander Bloodhound sneaks into the Widow's bedroom to confront her. To avoid exposure and scandal, the Widow agrees to marry Alexander.
Barak Valley A strong transport lobby in connivance with the dispur administration is not allowing the aforesaid states to have a better communication
Ruy Blas and the Blasé Roué Ruy and Caesar find that their imprisonment is extraordinarily luxurious, but despite its attractions they escape, with the connivance of the Queen.
Sindh Public Service Commission He said that Bhutto in connivance with Controller of Examination Umer Zainor changed examination and interview records and thus played dirty with the fate of honest applicants.