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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for conferencebike

Article Example
Eric Staller He has been one of the pioneers of art movements, such as Performance Arts, Light Painting and Art Cars, as well as the inventor of the Conference Bike, which is a seven-seat human-powered vehicle. The trade name is the ConferenceBike which was developed in the late 1980s. There are more than 250 ConferenceBikes in 16 countries. The ConferenceBike has become a powerful symbol and tool for bringing people together.
Conference Bike The Washington, D.C. Veterans Health Administration Medical Center has a ConferenceBike that was donated by Eric Staller's father. It is used by employees and Veterans for recreational and fundraising events.
Conference Bike The ConferenceBike is used primarily for tourism, and used as a team building tool at corporations and university campuses, increasing social interaction among friends and associates. Google Inc. has nine bikes in use for transportation and team building on their campus.
Conference Bike The ConferenceBike is a 7-seat human powered vehicle created by artist Eric Staller and manufactured in Santa Cruz, California, USA by and in Germany by Velo.Saliko. One person steers and all may pedal . The bike has a circular jointed drive-shaft and rack & pinion steering. In most countries it has the same legal status as a bicycle. There are now 300 ConferenceBikes in 18 countries.