Top 10 similar words or synonyms for conceives

imagines    0.706272

shuns    0.691607

scorns    0.687804

idealizes    0.687658

detests    0.680719

forsakes    0.660137

disdains    0.656879

cherishes    0.653099

misunderstands    0.651430

belittles    0.645397

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for conceives

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Article Example
Mulapariyaya Sutta Perceiving earth as earth, he conceives [things] about earth, he conceives [things] in earth, he conceives [things] coming out of earth, he conceives earth as 'mine,' he delights in earth. Why is that? Because he has not comprehended it, I tell you.
Alkaff Bridge Pacita conceives of project to paint the Alkaff bridge
Anatomy of Monotony The poet conceives us as evolving and increasingly civilized products of an
S. B. Khanthan Through his firm Studio Dream, Khanthan conceives, produces and directs advertisements, corporate films and documentaries.
E.G.F. E.G.F. conceives and builds works like helipads, camps, warehouses, landing stage, schools, gas pipe's gutter, wellhead's cellar etc.
Bhavni Bhavai King Chakrasen (Naseeruddin Shah) badly wants an heir, but neither of his two queens conceives a child.
John Burnheim Demarchy as Burnheim conceives it has two features that distinguish it from other proposals for selection by lot in politics.
Goy The rabbinic literature conceives of the nations () of the world as numbering seventy, each with a distinct language and purpose.
Alphonse Tierou He conceives and organises exhibitions on African dance, and its relationship with African Masks and African sculpture.
Moral responsibility Depending on how a philosopher conceives of free will, they will have different views on moral responsibility.