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comporting    0.713067

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concurs    0.610179

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for comports

Article Example
Wildridge, Colorado comports with the general purposes those regulations serve. Among the objectives to be
Breach of contract (e) the extent to which the behavior of the party failing to perform or to offer to perform comports with standards of good faith and fair dealing.
Unitarian Universalist Association In addition to SpiralScouts and Navigators USA, the UUA website also suggests Camp Fire as an alternative scout-like organization that comports with UU principles.
Citizens for Equal Protection v. Bruning "Bruning" was the only decision of a U.S. Court of Appeals to rule that a state ban on same-sex marriage comports with the U.S. Constitution until the Sixth Circuit did so on November 6, 2014.
Dayana Kirillova Dayana's teacher Eleanora Kalashnikova's praises her vocal range and stage ability. According to her, Dayana likes performing on stage, she comports herself on stage like "a grown-up" and performing in front of a large audience is a "sheer pleasure for her".
Informed consent Some informed consent laws have been criticized for allegedly using "loaded language in an apparently deliberate attempt to 'personify' the fetus," but those critics acknowledge that abortion information provided pursuant to informed consent laws "most of the information in the materials about abortion comports with recent scientific findings and the principles of informed consent, some content is either misleading or altogether incorrect."
Degeneration (Nordau) The original article's text comports quite closely to publisher Howard Fertig's edition NY 1968. During the time of Nordau's writing, physical, physiognomic, or mechanical factors were still being regarded as causative in mental aberrations and malfunctions. The symbolic or mythic approached later implemented by Freud and Jung made no part of Nordau's understanding of the human psyche.
Liber Censuum The dating of the "Liber Censuum" to 1192 comports with the date given in the work's prologue, although this date may only be accurate for the record of taxes owed to the Holy See. For example, the "Vita Gregorii IX" was inserted into the codex of the "Liber Censuum" between 1254 and 1265, likely during the tenure of Pope Gregory IX's nephew Niccolò as "camerarius" between 1255 and 1261.
Scientific romance Nonetheless, not all British science fiction from that period comports with Stableford's thesis. Some, for example, reveled in adventures in space and held an optimistic view of the future. By the 1930s, there were British authors (such as Eric Frank Russell) who were intentionally writing "science fiction" for American publication. At that point, British writers who used the term "scientific romance" did so either because they were unaware of science fiction or because they chose not to be associated with it.
Misappropriation doctrine In "Mercury Records Productions, Inc. v. Economic Consultants, Inc.", the Wisconsin Supreme Court held that "INS" states the applicable law for Wisconsin: "The unfair competition-misappropriation theory applied in "INS" . . . comports with the theory" of the Wisconsin courts and "is consistent with the public policy of the state of Wisconsin"; that state policy is "simply simply the principles of old-fashioned honesty," meaning that "[o]ne man may not reap where another has sown nor gather where another has strewn."